“What if I fail?” “ What if I do not succeed in my next assignment?”  “What will this world think about me?” “ They will think that I am a loser!” If such thoughts occupy your mind, you may be dealing with Atychiphobia. Also known as fear of failure, atychiphobia is a condition in which you dread failure.

Everyone is scared of failure to a certain extent. But this fear should not stop you from trying new things or taking risks. If you are dealing with atychiphobia, you may not try new things in the very first place because of the fear of failing. Fear of failure may be associated with perfectionism, anxiety disorder, or depression.

If you experience fear of failure, you can consult a Psychologist in Lahore.

What Causes Fear Of Failure?

Everyone has their definition of failure. For some people, not getting the results they wanted may be regarded as a failure. Some people who are perfectionists may set very high standards for themselves. And when these standards are not met, they may think they have failed. Sometimes, setting unrealistic goals or having very high standards may lead an individual to think that they have failed, when they are just like other people.

Many factors can cause fear of failure. Childhood memories and experiences have a huge effect on a person’s mental health and the way they behave as an adult. Being brought up in an overly critical environment or having parents who had very high standards for you, may develop a fear of failure. Encountering a failure in such an atmosphere attaches a negative memory with failing, which makes you dread failure in the future.

Other than this factor, maybe you experienced an embarrassing experience because of failing in the past. Maybe your classmates bullied you, or your teacher humiliated you in front of your peers. These negative imprints on your mind may cause intense fear of failing that you are scared to take the first step.

Atychiphobia is often associated with low self-esteem. If your worth is low in your own eyes, then you may be extra conscious about how the world sees you. You may overthink what others will think about you if you fail at a certain task? You may build imaginary scenarios that hinder you from trying out new things.

Redefining Failure

If you have atychiphobia, you need to change your perception of failure. Visit a psychologist, and they can help you change the way you believe in failure.

Failure is nothing but an experience that teaches you. There may be different tasks or assignments where you did not get your desired result. But that is a new chance for you to learn from your previous mistakes and correct them. Remember that no one in this world achieved success without tasting failure. It is just an indication that you need to put in more effort next time. Read the stories of people who have done great things in life and how they never let failure stop their way.


Failure is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and correct them. It may be intimidating, and no one likes to fail. But it should not be too intense that it stops you from taking new steps and doing new things.

The way to get rid of your fears is to acknowledge them. Do not feel embarrassed to talk about what scares you. A psychologist can offer you a listening ear for your problems and their solutions. If you are experiencing atychiphobia, consult a psychologist in Mid City Hospital.