What is that one accessory that can turn your patio into a cool lounge for your customers? It is the outdoor café umbrella! In fact, these commercial umbrellas have the power to transform your humble outdoor space into a revenue generator. 

People love to flock into cafés that offer them cool outdoor shades in lazy afternoons. Dinner in mellow light under a café umbrella feels magical. If your café offers your customers a memorable dining experience, your profits will grow in leaps and bounds. 

It is fascinating to realise how a humble accessory like the outdoor café umbrella can transform your business. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your café a makeover. Expensive décor changes are out of the question. By spending little on commercial umbrellas you can take your business to new heights. What’s more, your umbrellas become your brand promotion tools! 

Outdoor umbrella manufacturers offer their customers a whole range of bespoke services. This means that you can have your brand-logo and colours printed on your umbrella. With these café umbrellas installed in your sidewalk or garden, potential customers can instantly identify your business from afar. 

What are the best patio umbrellas on sale to give your outdoor space a much needed makeover? You must be wondering! Think no more. We have come up with a list of some of the best patio umbrellas in the market. 

1. The SAVILLE Patio Umbrella Square from Flare Shade

Our testers found this to be the definitive commercial patio umbrella for your café. Available in three different square canopy sizes – 6 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet – the Saville patio umbrella is a fantastic product. A sturdy frame made from commercial grade aluminum gives the umbrella a robust structure that can withstand gusts with ease. It comes in two finishes – black and polished anodized silver.  Both look gorgeous in an outdoor setting. 

The chic 30-face pole has a class leading diameter of two inches and the heavy duty aluminum canopy ribs give the frame ample rigidity to withstand high winds. For the canopy, you get to choose from a wide range of vibrant colours. The canopy fabric comes in two varieties – Olefin and imported Spanish acrylic. Both these materials are long-lasting, UV and water proof, and come with a five year fade resistant warranty. A neatly designed vent aids air circulation so that your guests can enjoy the cool shade of your umbrella even in the hottest of days. 

If you want your own brand colours on your commercial umbrella canopy, the manufacturer will be happy to oblige you!

2. The MATISSE Patio Umbrella Octagonal from Flare Shade

Another classic offering from Flare Shade, the Matisse patio umbrella comes with an octagonal canopy. You get to choose from four available sizes – 8 feet, 10 feet, 11 feet and 13 feet. If you have a large patio, this commercial umbrella is ideal for you.  

The Matisse patio umbrella shares its frame with the Saville patio umbrella. Commercial grade aluminium gives the frame ample strength to withstand gusts. It is also available in two finishes –  black and polished anodized silver. Reinforced canopy ribs add to the rigidity of the frame. The pole is once again a 30-face signature unit with a two-inch diameter. 

The canopy comes in a wide range of striking colors. Imported Spanish Recasens fabric makes the canopy durable and UV and water proof. A five year fade resistant warranty means that you can chill in the shade of your umbrella canopy without having to worry about the colour fading away in the sun quickly. The canopy vent aids air circulation and keeps your guests cool and comfortable.

In its outdoor café umbrella avatar, this product gives you custom-printing options. You can have your brand logo and colours printed bright and clear on the canopy! 

3. The CLASSIC Patio Square and Octagonal 

Classic patio umbrellas can transform your café sidewalk or patio into a chill-zone for your customers. Available in two canopy shapes – the square and the octagonal – this quaint iteration of the outdoor café umbrella looks cool with a matching classic furniture setup. 

The square canopy is available in different size options. We found the 7’x7’ Classic Patio Square from Flare Shade to be a very practical shade solution for large patios. The Classic Octagonal Square from the same manufacturer comes in a very useful 9’ diameter avatar that blocks the sun and sporadic showers effectively. 

The pole of this outdoor umbrella has a 1.5-inch diameter and it can fit into outdoor tables seamlessly. A flat metallic base keeps the umbrella erect in your patio.  

The umbrella canopy comes in a wide range of attractive colours. It is made from durable acrylic fibre that is UV and water proof. Flare Shade offers a five year fade resistant warranty on its umbrella canopies and we think that makes this product a value-for-money-proposition for you.

These are some of the best outdoor umbrellas that can give your café a much-needed makeover. But options are aplenty if you are out to purchase your very own bespoke outdoor umbrella. You can go for the cantilever patio umbrella if you want to give your outdoor space a minimalist look. 

If you have a large patio, the large cantilever patio umbrellas are there to provide all the shade you need. Ultimately it is you who has to decide what suits your café. But if you are looking for a shade solution that also has the power to give your café a striking new look, consider buying a commercial café umbrella.