Engineering is one of the most popular professional courses besides medical degrees. Among the various specialisations available for Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering is quite popular. With so many students graduating with a CSE degree from engineering colleges in Osmanabad and India, there are also several career options available.

For the upcoming graduating class, stated below are popular profiles recent graduates from institutes like TERNA Osmanabad have been able to work as with a CSE degree.

Career Options After Computer Science and Engineering Degree

Software Developer: Software Developers are professionals who work in designing and creating software for computers. The created software is made as per set guidelines, is customized and able to perform certain tasks. For this role, individuals should have knowledge of programming languages such as C++, Java, CSS, XML, PHP etc. Software Developer is a full-time job position who works within organizations. Education wise, most software developers have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. The average salary for Software Developers is INR 5.23 LPA.

Data Scientist: The person who is in charge of all the data in companies is the Data Scientist. They will analyse it and find out the hidden value in it. To start, the Data Scientist creates a system of extracting data in an automated process, cleaning it up and analysing it. Data Scientists have strong knowledge of Statistics to create machine learning algorithms and predictive models. Per the job description, Data Scientist must know Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Wrangling, Mathematics and also programming. Data Scientists, regardless of work experience earn around INR 8.62 LPA.

Computer Network Architect: Besides the other job profiles mentioned here, another popular profile at the best colleges for computer science and engineering is a Computer Network Architect. Their job responsibilities include creating structures for better movement of data. In computer terms, they build up Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and also Intranet. From conceptualising, designing, and building to testing and maintaining it, the Computer Network Architect does it all. The said system is made as per the company size and other set requirements. On average, Computer Network Architects make INR 20 LPA.

Cyber Security Specialist: Several B.Tech colleges in Maharashtra have witnessed students working in the capacity of a Cyber Security Specialist. Per the name, Cyber Security Specialists ensures computers and network is safe from outside attacks. Some common attacks most companies witness are malware, phishing, SQL injection etc. They also look for vulnerabilities within the company as well, particularly in the existing hardware and software. These shortcomings are then worked on to the network more strong. There is usually a team of Cyber Security Specialists who earn around INR 7.61 LPA.

Big Data Engineer: Big Data is a word that has been recently making the rounds in student circles. In simple words, Big Data are large data sets that are more complex and have more variety. Big Data requires special systems and software to process them because traditional software cannot process them. This work is done by the Big Data Engineer. The said Engineer designs and creates the architecture for big data solutions while customizing it and maintaining the data pipeline. The salary for Big Data Engineer is around INR 8.1 LPA.

Machine Learning Engineer: Machine Learning is a field of IT that deals with Artificial Intelligence. The Machine Learning Engineer researches and helps design and creates systems that are AI-based. Their work is done within a large team with other Data Scientists and Data Analysts. While Data Scientists, mentioned above, will create statistical models the Machine Learning Engineering will write algorithms and use machine learning to build said system. Professionals in this role must have advanced Mathematical and Statistical skills along with analytical abilities. Programming knowledge of Python, C++, C, and R is also necessary. While dispensing their duties, ML Engineers make annual salaries of INR 7.26 LPA.

Full Stacks Developer: The latest placement drives of engineering colleges in Maharashtra had students getting hired into the role of a Full Stacks Developer. Full Stacks Developer is an individual who works both on the server-side and with clients for applications. They have a host of responsibilities such as coding and creating the infrastructure for the site and on the front end, they would decide the look and colours for the site. To work in this role, one must have significant work experience in both the front end and the back end. In the course of their daily duties, they make salaries of around INR 6.49 LPA.

Blockchain Developer: Cryptocurrencies and blockchains have slowly gained traction in India. To make pace for this growth, Blockchain Developers are being hired. These individuals create systems for safe digital transactions. They help in the storage of the said data in a safe manner as well. Blockchain Developers will produce blockchain systems and applications for both client and server sides. Blockchain Developers should have advanced programming knowledge and undoubtedly be up to date with blockchain developments. Indian Blockchain Developers earn around INR 7 LPA.

Informations Systems Manager: Information Systems Manager is an expert who has knowledge of software and hardware. They are in charge of all the technologies used within the organization. Informations Systems Managers have strong technical knowledge of networks and systems along with the ability to work in teams. All IT problems are directed to the Informations Systems Manager to handle along with regular updates and installations. They are also in charge of the budget and must ensure productivity levels are intact. Most Information Systems Managers make around INR 10 LPA.

Web Developer: Web Developers are hired to design and create websites. Not only will they work on the coding of the website but also work on the appearance of the site. Certain aspects of the website such as the site speed and traffic are also monitored by the Web Developer. Some of the responsibilities handled by the Web Developer are also the same as for a Full Stacks Developer. Web Developers are proficient in MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Web Developers earn a median pay of INR 3.16 LPA.

Computer Science and Engineering graduates have several career options available. Besides the profiles stated above, one can also work as a writer authoring books in CSE or as a teacher teaching the next generation of IT professionals.