Are you looking to celebrate a milestone? Or maybe you want to find the perfect gift for your loved one? A luxury timepiece is surely one of the most special ways to do these celebrations. Buying a luxury watch to commemorate your achievement is a nice gesture for yourself. Moreover, buying your loved one a luxury timepiece is also a memorable experience. The problem is, which one should it be?

If you have been searching for the best luxury watches, you probably have been overwhelmed with the wide range of choices you found. Since most of these timepieces started manufacturing more than a century ago, you’re sure to find a lot of options and you’re currently at a loss for which ones to buy. In this article, we will take a look at some of the luxury watch brands that you should consider buying.

Luxury watch brands to consider

One of the first things that you need to know is that every luxury timepiece has its unique characteristics. They may all function the same, but they differ in the materials, mechanism, movements, and design. These attributes make them unique among others. Let’s take a look at some of these luxury watch brands.

1.  Breguet

Considered as one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world, Breguet watches are known for their innovative designs and features. This luxury timepiece is the choice of well-known people such as Queen Victoria because of its complicated design and reliable precision. It is built with classic features such as the tourbillon and perpetual calendar and housed in a creatively designed watch.

2.  Cvstos

Though fairly new in the watch industry, Cvstos is well-known for its bold and eccentric designs. Since 2005, this luxury timepiece has been making waves in the sports industry because of its complicated and reliable chronometers. Inspired by modernism, its founders surpassed the usual expectations of sports and watch lovers by creating a fusion of modern technology and traditional watchmaking.

3.  Franck Muller

If you are looking for a unique dress watch, Franck Muller is the best choice for you. Dubbed as the Master of Complications, this luxury timepiece has a unique large dial filled with colorful ensembles. Their collective design is a masterpiece that can certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Aside from its physical allure, Franck Muller is also particular in creating some of the most extraordinary watch mechanisms such as the very first tri-axial tourbillon.

4.  Glashutte Original

A popular German watch brand, Glashutte Original is one of the most elegant timepieces in history. The company values craftsmanship and innovation which makes their timepieces well-loved by many. They have a wide range of vintage collections that are perfect to wear on both formal and casual occasions. These timepieces are also a testament to excellent German watchmaking.

5.  Hublot

Although Hublot is only in the industry for a couple of decades, they make sure to be noticed as one of the best luxury timepieces in the world. It’s a proud Swiss-made watch that holds some of the best designs and most innovative mechanisms. Hublot prides itself in creating timepieces that will fit the taste of every watch enthusiast of all ages.

6.  Longines

As one of the pioneers in the watchmaking industry, there is no doubt that Longines has already created more than 10 collections under their house. They are well known in the sports industry because they have created some of the most reliable timepieces to wear at sporting events. Many athletes wear it in different events such as equestrian, diving, and even aviation.

7.  Montblanc

You may have known Montblanc as a manufacturer of luxury pens. However, in 1997, the company ventured into watchmaking inspired by the Minerva manufacturing standards. True to their tradition of creating world-class pens, Montblanc created some of the most sophisticated timepieces. These watches are known to be built with the highest standard of manufacturing and go through 500 hours of testing to perfect them.

8.  Rado

Rado is the epitome of minimalist timepieces. If you are looking for the perfect watch that is made with high-quality materials and superior quality but maintains its simplicity, this watch is for you. Rado was established in 1917 and the company was able to maintain its standard by providing durability, reliability, and comfort in its timepieces. These watches are perfect to wear on both casual and formal occasions because of their minimalist design.

In Conclusion

Surely there are a lot of luxury watch brands to choose from. However, the key to finding the perfect timepiece is by making sure that they match your preference. Every brand has its own personality and it will transpire on you when you wear it. Make sure to find the timepiece that will not only help you track the time but will also complete your overall allure. Find yours now at