A Bachelor in Business Administration (International Business) is a 3-year undergraduate program specially designed for students interested in working in the global market. The students are trained in the nuances of global business administration, with a special interest in the core concepts of business such as marketing, buying, and selling of products. The degree focuses on the concepts of international business programs entrenched in cultural diversity. 

BBA in International Business is a professional degree, offered by business schools in Bangalore and leading universities around the world. It takes more than a 12th class degree to get admission into these programs. Each university has separate requirements for admission.

Degree TypeUndergraduate
Duration3 Years
Minimum Eligibility10+2 Certification in Commerce with an aggregate of 50%
Course Fees  INR 50,000 – INR 15,00,000
Average Starting SalaryINR 6,00,000 – 20,00,000
Top Recruiters Banks, Multinational corporations, Global companies, Consultancy agencies, Software companies
Job Positions  Manager, Global Distributions Managers, Human Resource Managers, International Operations Managers, International Training Managers

5 Merits of BBA International Business

BBA in international business from the best BBA colleges in Bangalore arms with you the knowledge of international business and prepares you for the challenges that occur in the global arena. Students interested in getting their metal tested with international challenges can secure a job in the company of their choice with an international business. Other than that, here are the five leading merits of BBA International Business:

  • Distinguishable high pay: Candidates after graduation can get a hefty salary package. They can get high-paying job offers in both the private and public sectors.
  • Illustrative career opportunities: As we pace towards a more globalized and highly connected world, BBA graduates get a chance to work in the management of government organizations and MNCs right after graduation. 
  • Work-life balance: Although it is a high-paced job, a BBA International business graduate has elite working hours that can be completed in time for them to have a work-life balance.
  • Academic appreciation: BBA graduates can easily begin their academic research/PG career and continue to reserach in the field to make it more welcoming for others.
  • Future opportunities: Candidates excelling with a BBA in international business are free to pursue any career opportunity. They can join a company or work or start their ventures with the amassed skillset.

Seven Outstanding Career Avenues After BBA in International Business

1. Management Analyst

Management Analysts are responsible for creating innovative ways to boost the productivity of the workers and the efficiency of an organization. They work in sync with the top management to formulate solutions that enhance the performance of the business, expand the venture, and adopt modern technology.

Job responsibilities of a management analyst:

  • Gathering and analyzing the expenditure, business data, employment reports and revenue streams of the business.
  • Determining efficient ways to reduce company expenses such as staffing, supply costs, and other financial expenses.
  • Coordinating with the staff to oversee the burning issues and being a bridge between the upper and lower management. 

2. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager balances the creative vision and business strategy of the business to determine the best ways of maximizing revenue. A marketing manager is responsible for marketing campaigns that attract new eyes to the product. 

Job responsibilities of a marketing manager:

  • Being in touch with market trends and global sales to develop products that can cater to an international audience.
  • Taking the responsibility for a marketing campaign and developing pricing strategy, analyzing international demand, overseeing budgets, and leading digital and offline campaigns.

3. Executives

An executive is the position of general managers or chief operating offices who devise organizational strategies for managing employees and resources. The executives divert the resources and create global demand for the product. With a BBA in international business, an executive job is an easy get for graduates. You can cater to the global demand, analyze company financial reports, and work closely with the employees to better the working conditions of the employees.

Job responsibilities of executives:

  • Taking decisions that solve problems for the people.
  • Devising organizational strategies and managing resources of the company.
  • Diverting the resources to cater to the growing international demand. 
  • Identifying the avenues to increase the revenue of the company.

4. Banking Manager

Banking managers have expertise in international finance and intercountry transactions, which is used to drive organizational account initiatives for the finance of an organization. Banking managers specialize in mortgages, loans, credit, and other transactions while overseeing the banking services such as customer service, staff training, and security plans.

Job responsibilities of a banking manager:

  • Promoting the branch and its services.
  • Communicating with the customers and resolving their problems or complaints.
  • Keeping up with the customer service at the bank.
  • Monitoring sales targets and presenting the reports to the head office.

5. Human Resource Manager

Human Resources managers hire and manage employees, and work as an intermediary authorities for the staff. HR in multinational companies work in global circles to encourage the development programs and manage the workforce.

Job responsibilities of a human resource manager:

  • Working towards the global cause of the organization.
  • Encouraging development programs and managing a diverse workforce.
  • Supervise payroll, productivity, international staffing, and employee morale.

6. International Accounting Specialist

International accounting specialists manage cross-border accounting for international trade and have strong international accounting knowledge of the tax laws, accounting laws, and trade laws of various countries.

Job responsibilities of an international accounting specialist:

  • Maintaining and preparing critical financial reports.
  • Preparing the tax returns of employees from various countries.
  • Evaluating the financial operations to recommend the best business practices to employees working at all levels of the organization. 

In conclusion,

BBA in international business prepares you to be a global professional with expertise in the business practices of the leading trade markets of the countries. The course offered by BEST college, Bangalore aims to provide global exposure to candidates with excellent workshops, in-house seminars, and practical training. Here are all the reasons why you should consider pursuing BBA in international business.