Are you looking for a lifestyle watch brand that produces some of the most unique and recognizable timepieces in the world? If so, why not consider Diesel as it offers fashionable timepieces with a high sense of style at affordable prices. It is a trendsetter in the industry rather than a follower of what its competitors are doing.

Diesel never fails to produce bold and powerful statement pieces that will not go unnoticed. Most of its offerings have large case diameters with luxurious designs allowing you to use them both for formal and informal events. Compared to other designer fashion brands, it uses better quality parts, movements, and production systems. In this guide, you will get to know its history followed by some of the best-selling watch models you can purchase in 2021.

A brief history of Diesel brand

The diesel brand has one of the most interesting success stories in the watchmaking industry. At an early age, its founder named Renzo Ross started producing jeans through the use of the sewing machine owned by his mother. He specialized in creating low-riding and bell-bottomed jeans. After he finished sewing these items, he would wear them or sell them to his friends. 

After a few years, he decided to work in Moltex, a clothing manufacturer. When his father lent him a huge amount of money, he purchased 40% of the total shares of the company. He then had the power to change the name Moltex to Diesel. In 1985, he became the sole owner of the company when he purchased the shares of Goldschmied. Nowadays, the Diesel company is diversifying and expanding its business operations through partnering with other companies. For instance, it is in partnership with Fossil, Marcolin, and L’Oreal to produce Diesel watches, Diesel eyewear, and Diesel fragrance respectively. 

Best-selling Diesel watches in 2021

Below is a list of the best-selling Diesel watches that you can purchase today. Their case diameters range from 46 mm to 58 mm, which are perfect options if you want to own oversized timepieces. Continue reading to find out each model’s features, functionality, and design.

  1. Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 DZ7314

The Mr. Daddy DZ7314 model is a perfect watch for men as it comes with an astonishing 57 mm case diameter and a leather band measuring 28 mm. Watch collectors love its unique dial composed of different but connected time counters. The company primarily designed it for travelers so it made it have four timezone complications. It also has a unique layout and style, making it more attractive. It features reliable leather with decent softness to ensure comfortability and a stainless steel case to have optimal durability. The only downside of this model is its 30 m water resistance which prohibits you from wearing it whenever you shower or swim. Otherwise, the water may enter the case and ruin its dial and hour markers.

  1. Diesel Mega Chief DZ4308

This DZ4308 model is not as large as the watch mentioned earlier since it only measures less than 50 mm. It also has a more casual appearance equipped with unique design elements. It is an all-metal timepiece with a small date window, black tint dial, and silver-tone hour markers. To add an edgy touch to the overall appearance of the watch, it has a red-colored stopwatch function. Besides that, it has a noteworthy chronograph feature that made it possible for the model to have unbelievably high precision and accuracy. To allow wearers to use it for swimming, showering, and snorkeling, it is resistant to water with a depth of 100 m.

  1. Diesel Master Chief DZ1209

The DZ1209 is a model with a robust design and unusual face. The company designed it in such a way that sets it apart from the typical product line of Diesel. It features a simple yet clean-looking dial, 46 mm case, and gold-tone accents on crown and hour markers. As you observe this watch, you will realize that it has a black ionic finish making it a fancy and classy accessory. Despite having a very affordable price tag, it can withstand water conditions of up to 100 m. 

  1. Diesel MS9 DZ4470

The DZ4470 model is a great dress watch because of its ultra-fashionable case, bracelet, dial elements, and color palette. You can use it even if you are wearing formal or casual attire because of its 22 mm leather band and deep blue dial. The feature that makes it stand out from the rest of the Diesel watches is the location of its pusher. You can find it on the left side of the case which is of great help for left-handed people who have to wear a watch on their right hand. 

In Conclusion

Diesel will allow you to wear fashionable and durable timepieces without breaking the bank. Their unique design and bulky appearance can easily stand out from the crowd. To avail of huge discounts, you may purchase from!