Is it time to clean that filthy driveway? Pressure washing a driveway can cost anywhere from $100 and $500, with the national average at $258. Hence, to avoid speeding this much, you can take care of cleaning the driveway on your own.

A clean driveway is the first thing your guests and family will notice when they step into your house. Therefore, you must keep your driveway clean and in good condition.

Since concrete is an impervious surface, cleaning a concrete driveway may be a tricky task. Follow this short guide.

1. Sweep Off Your Dirty Driveway

One of the best ways to clean a concrete driveway is to sweep it off regularly. This will prevent dirt and debris from building up and making the driveway difficult to clean. 

2. Using a Hose and Scrub Brush

First of all, sweep any debris off the concrete. Then, you have to wet the concrete using the hose.

Next, apply soap to the wet concrete and scrub it using the brush. After scrubbing, you can then rinse the soap off with the hose. Repeat this process as necessary.

3. Making a DIY Cleaning Solution

When you don’t have a power washer, one of the best ways to clean a concrete driveway is to make your DIY cleaning solution. You’ll need a gallon of water, a cup of liquid dish soap, and a cup of white vinegar.

You will have to mix all these in a bucket and then scrub the concrete with a brush. Rinse with a hose and watch your driveway look good as new.

4. Using Commercial Concrete Cleaners

Find a cleaning solution made specifically for concrete. You can find these solutions at most hardware or home improvement stores.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the solution. Pour the solution onto the driveway and scrub with a brush. Rinse the driveway with clean water.

5. Pressure Washing

Sure, pressure washing your driveway may sound like an easy enough task, but there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind before you start blasting away. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on your pressure washer to see what PSI is recommended for use on concrete because you don’t want to damage the surface.

Be sure to use a concrete-specific cleaning solution in your pressure washer; this will help break down any surface build-up. And finally, always start with the wand pointing up at the concrete surface and work your way down; this will help to avoid any streaking. You can also hire pressure washing services to get rid of stubborn stains.

Make Cleaning a Concrete Driveway Easy

The driveway can easily get dirty. When you go through muddy roads, expect to face a muddy driveway the next day after leaving your vehicle there. You surely don’t want to be looking at a parking area that’s not properly maintained.

If your concrete driveway is starting to look a little dirty, use these easy tips to clean it up. You will just need to have the time to get the job done.

But, if you are too busy, then you can call a professional to go about cleaning a concrete driveway for you. Make sure to ask first about their service rate so that you won’t be surprised.

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