French, conservative, wide, small or antique – windows can be different in design but identical in their functions.

We do understand that according to your aesthetic needs, they are awesome and add some pretty charm to your home place.

However, have you ever thought how dangerous your windows can actually be for your safety?

Indeed, a window can either decrease or increase the overall home security. And in this article, we will tell you what to do with your domestic windows to make them safe rather than the top risky factors in your property.

Locked windows can deter burglars

Finely maintained home windows can repel criminals.

If a burglar sees your windows finely closed and locked, he will pass your property and move to the next one. He would think that you take proper care of your entire home. Not to mention that that’s an extra security measure to childproof your property if you have children.

In other words, if right now there’s a broken window, a window door lock that a locksmith or any other defect should repair, please make sure to fix it right away. Protect yourself from burglars by starting with the windows. This is the least you can do.

Sturdy windows provide another layer of protection

It’s not only the door lock that can be wrong with the window’s intactness. If there are cracks, breakages or any other damage, you should immediately make the repairs.

Usually, a window fixing job usually cannot waste your entire day or complicate you. Most men can handle the repair job but don’t worry if you cannot. A handyman can give you a hand if you find difficulties in any home repairs.

Yes, it’s a paid service, but do you really prefer to put at risk your family and your home belongings because of a small fee?

Choosing the right type of windows is important

If you are more inspired to support your windows than just fixing their door locks, please note that you can replace them with new ones.

You should do so if you have unsafe windows. Basically, the most secured window type is the sturdy model. These windows double the security level at home, according to the experts. They can be opened and closed only through the inside rather than from both sides. 

Don’t leave the burglars a chance to pleasantly enter your house by opening any of the windows from the inside.

How to increase window security?

Let’s imagine you’ve done everything possible to repair the windows. They look intact, functioning and whole. Is there anything extra or special you can do to increase the security at home? 

Of course, there is. You can invest some money, time and effort and make your living space quite safer by focusing only on windows rather than buying a security camera or hiring a living guard at your front door.

Are you up to some repairing or DIY jobs? Below, we will give you some extra ideas to increase window security.

Don’t hesitate to consider each of the following suggestions.

Contact alarms

Their job is to send a signal every time the window is left open. Thanks to a special sensor that detects the primary contact with the window, you can immediately be warned that someone’s trying to get inside.

You can also seek an extra option – specially tailored glass break sensors.

With them, you can be double protected in case of incidents, criminals and natural disasters, including while sleeping or being outside of the house, as they can send messages remotely to your smartphone preliminarily installed app.

Security glass windows

Their benefit is superb resistance in case of any criminal attempts to break in. This type of material has an extremely high level of strength. The secret is in the multiple layers.

The more layers, the more solid the glass windows become. Please know that such windows are not offered in all construction or home stores. Basically, you can find such only through a security company.

You can browse for the best offer online by comparing the prices and models. Of course, do research in advance and see if there are discounts for such special windows right now.

It’s possible to provide such extra security to your home place on a budget and without tightening your wallet.

Metal grilles

To some of you, they are quite charming, while others consider them close to the prison exterior design. It doesn’t matter how your aesthetic senses accept these items. 

In all cases, a house with metal grillers is twice more protected from burglars than a house without them. This simple-to-be-found and installed metal barrier is the best protection you can have.

Even if some criminal tries to break them, the huge noise will alarm all neighbours while you are out of your home.

High-quality window locks

If you find yourself in need of changing your window locks, please make sure to invest in some high-quality models. 

On mandatory, consider buying window locks of the highest possible quality and made of durable materials. We strongly recommend you opt for flip locks. 

By the way, some windows are made with no locks by default. Please, check out if you have such in your own home. There would be no problem for your local locksmith to add extra protection to them – first-class locks that they will install instead of you.


Homeowners often underestimate windows.

Whether they clean them rarely or don’t pay attention to their conditions, windows, though, can cause issues if not appropriately maintained. They are indeed the eyes to and from your own house.

It’s up to what you want people to see through them – potential victims or security that cannot be overcome. Be more prudent in your overall domestic safety system. Pay attention to the windows because they represent a significant part of this system.