Have you ever heard relating to this hype? What happens this spotlight hour is all about? How will it affect your game play?

Out of the most basic weekly occasions by Niantic hosts, Spotlight hour is easily the most prominent ones. Each week, this can have a different Pokemon within the limelight rich in spawn rates along with a double bonus.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August continues to be revealed, and individuals Are constantly searching for the similar. Browse the headings pointed out below to understand the facts.

Just when was the following Spotlight Hour?

Niantic platform has thus confirmed the next spotlight hour is incorporated in the West Ocean Shellos, and also the same is confirmed to visit survive 17th August 2021.

This time around, you will see more frequent appearances of those Pokemon within the wild, just for a shorter time. Therefore, time for the similar is allotted to become 6 PM to 7 PM. What this means is that you’ll be in a position to have fun playing the same from the corner around the globe only at that particular hour.

Shiny West Ocean Shellos Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August:

Contributing to the present advantages of spotlight hour, players with this platform go for Double Catch Chocolate like a bonus. But, Ocean Plug Pokemon is presently unavailable as Shiny around the platform at this time. So, you will find likelihood of an unexpected appearance, however it is not confirmed yet.

Additionally, there might be added other surprises too towards the hour. All that you should do is prepare for exactly the same to obtain the bonuses.

Agenda for August Spotlight Hour:

To obtain the complete details for that Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August schedule, scroll lower towards the table attached below:

Spotlight Time Spotlight Date Spotlight Bonus           Spotlight Pokemon

6.00 PM- 7.00 PM       3rd August       2 X Catch Stardust      Magnemite

6.00 PM- 7.00 PM       10th August     2 X Catch XP  East Ocean Shellos

6.00 PM- 7.00 PM       17th August     2 X Catch Candy         West Ocean Shellos

6.00 PM- 7.00 PM       24th august     2 X Transfer Candy     Skwovet

6.00 PM- 7.00 PM       31st August     2 X Evolution XP         Wooloo

How you can get ready for the Spotlight Hour?

There are specific points you need to ensure to obtain the bonuses because the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August lasts just for an hour. So, it is best to be ready already rather than waste any minute afterward.

•           Check out for enough Poke Balls,

•           Make certain to have sufficient figures of Poke Berries.

•           Clear your storage for that Pokemon Storage Box.

•           Get a minimum of two poke coins purchased for that incense from the event.

Final Verdict:

In the following paragraphs, every detail for that August Spotlight hour happen to be discussed and revealed. Additionally, we’ve also pointed out what exactly for the formulations so that you can not need to spend any other minute preparing for the similar throughout the crucial Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August an hour.