The kids love the new episodes released by Japanese comedy series. You can find the most current information online to make sure that your kids are up-to-date on the latest Japanese comedy series and Japanese culture.

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Our experts also mentioned Ousama MangaRank .

About Ousama Manga

The Ousama Manga ranks the kings of the Japanese Manga series. This comedy series was written and published by SosukeToka in May 2017. There are 11 volumes. Manga centers around the character bojji. He is a deaf, powerless Prince. Because he is the first-born son, he doesn’t have the power or the fist necessary to lift the swords of the children.

Ousama Manga encourages children to look at success stories that can be shared with them about daily life. The website is full of new episodes that people love and they are always eager to watch them.

Ousama Manga Ranking: Characters

Let us support you with a short knowledge of Ousama Manga characters.

  • Bojjiis first prince of Boss Kingdom, who is weak and deaf to lift the blade. Yet, he dreams of one day becoming a great monarch.
  • Kageis a member of the shadow assassin clan and doesn’t have the power to steal and hide in order to survive.
  • Hailingis a wife of the king.
  • Daida (second prince of the boss Kingdom) is half-brother and half-brother for bojji, as per Ousama Manga .
  • Dormasis the Kingdom’s strongest warrior, and is known by the title of swordmaster. He also teaches bojji and gives him training.
  • Bevinis a second-strength warrior in the boss Kingdom. His name is snake trainer. He also trains daida on sword techniques.
  • Apisis next in line to be the strongest warrior of the boss Kingdom. He is the king’s spear, and he dedicates himself as the king for Boss Kingdom by Ousama Manga ranking.
  • Drush is the protector of hilling and is often called the queen’s shield.

Ousama Manga Website Ranking

Echoes recently listed the 23rd episode as one of the top comedy series online.


Our experts believe that the Manga series is a fantastic way for kids to experience adventure and fantasy. Additionally, the video is available on Fuji TV and can be accessed easily.