Did you know that we should aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every single day? The truth of the matter is that most people do not get nearly enough physical activity throughout the week. If you are guilty of not getting enough exercise, we are here to share that you don’t have to participate in an intimidating sport, there are easy sports that you can choose from. 

Read on to learn what sports are easy to play and help you get that daily moderate physical activity you need. 

1. Running

Believe it or not, running is considered a sport. Because we learn this from such a young age, many of us do not consider it a sport. Running is a great choice because there are no rules to learn (unless you are in track and field), and you can run at whatever speed you choose. 

This is one of those individual sports that require no teammates and it will keep your heart healthy. There are certain sports betting apps that allow you to bet on professional runners. 

2. Tug of War

You can play this with either one other person or as many people as you wish. The goal of the sport is for each person or team to pull on opposing ends of a rope and see which side gives in first. The side that gives up first is the one that loses. 

3. Swimming

Swimming is another easy sport that many people enjoy and do not realize all the health benefits that come with it. For those looking to also lose weight, a few laps around the pool is an excellent calorie burner. Whether you know how to swim yet or not, it is never too late to learn and once you are splashing around you will get your exercise in without feeling like you were working out. 

4. Frisbee

Playing frisbee will only require one other person and a frisbee. This is a pretty easy sport where you take turns throwing the frisbee towards each other and catching it. 

Some parks also have frisbee golf courses that are similar to playing golf but with a disc. The players stand on the starting line and take turns throwing the disc towards a target. 

5. Dance

Both kids and adults can have fun while dancing and burning calories. Dancing also helps develop balance, coordination, and agility. There is a song and dance available for all tastes in music. 

When dancing, there are other movements that can be incorporated to make it more entertaining and also more of a sport. Movements like skipping, jumping, and hopping can all become part of a dance. 

Which of These Easy Sports Will You Try?

With our list of easy sports, you can choose which ones you prefer to participate in. The goal is to have fun while getting in the recommended amount of physical activity.

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