A treadmill is an excellent option for health-conscious people who can’t step outside due to work commitments. But let’s admit it, treadmills aren’t cheap, so if your purchased treadmill doesn’t cater to your needs, it’ll be a huge waste.

But don’t worry, because this guide will help you get rid of the confusion and make the most out of your investment.

  1. Pick out your workout space and choose the treadmill accordingly.

Before you buy a treadmill, figure out where you’ll put it and measure the floor area where you plan to put it… because that bad boy needs plenty of space!

Don’t ditch the worries about space just because you’ll get a foldable treadmill! First, you must figure out its storage space.

Check the treadmills measurement online and find the ones that go well with your space.

Moreover, your activity and height also matter.

If you walk on the treadmills, 20″ width and 50″ length is enough. However, if you are a runner, then 22″ in width and 55″ in size is best. Also, if you’re over 6ft, go for a 60″ treadmill.

Normal home treadmills are mostly about 7″ long and 3″ wide. If you own a small place, buy foldable treadmills. Check the specs and diameters of compact treadmills to ensure that you have enough space.

In case you want a treadmill for your office, a desk treadmill will be perfect for you. And if you’re not aware, this type of treadmill helps to boost your productivity level.

  1. Calculate your budget

The cost of a treadmill depends on its durability and features. Unfortunately, budget treadmills come with less warranty period. In addition, these products are noisy because the manufacturers use cheap frames to fit the price range.

You might feel wobbly while running on these treadmills, and the screen quality is not that good. Buy this treadmill only if you run or walk occasionally or have a low budget.

Mid-range treadmills come with great quality displays, good inclines, and various workout programs. Nowadays, you will find AUX connectivity to make your workout fun and enjoyable. Further, you will get a 10-year warranty and a strong machine.

  1. Figure out your goal

Your goal must be the main determiner of your ideal treadmill.

For example, prioritize a treadmill with strong horsepower if you want to focus on running. If you are an old person with arthritis issues, you must buy a treadmill with a decent cushioning system for walking and jogging.

So, find out your goals to get your dream treadmill.

  1. Check the workout programs.

Budget treadmills only have manual workout programs. If you wish to purchase an expensive one, check their in-built exercise programs that manage speed and incline. Make sure to add your preferred programs to get the best of the treadmill.

If you’re unfamiliar with the programs, let’s get to know them here…

● iFit: Some treadmills brands provide a free subscription to iFit for a limited period. You can also add iFit’s monthly subscription to access multiple workout videos created by different personal trainers, experience virtual walking through Google maps, feel the rise and fall of streets through the incline and decline features, etc.

● Wireless pulse monitors: This gives you the most accurate heart rate data, which can be really helpful while running. Because if there is a chance of a heart attack, you will know instantly and can take action.

  1. Consider buying treadmill accessories.

Since accessories help extend the treadmills’ longevity, they’re a must-have! After all, who wants such a big investment to get spoiled?

Though these are optional, they will save you maintenance fees and time.

● Treadmill mats are well known for keeping the machine and flooring safe. The mat also dampens the noise from the vibration of the treadmill. Brownie point: you will face less difficulty cleaning the floor near the treadmill.

● Purchase the specific cleaning material and solutions mentioned in the manual to make your treadmill long-lasting.

● Include a water bottle holder and workout fans for a hydrated and intense workout session.

Over to you…

If you’re confused about where to buy your treadmill, it’s safe to buy it both online and offline… just research the store beforehand. If you purchase it offline, don’t forget to use the treadmill in-store.

But if you want to save money, search online, check the reviews, and make your best choice!