One of the most legally high-risk businesses, CBD businesses still have difficulty finding a bank that supports funds and avails loans. Finding banks who take CBD business to support your business can be a great way to seamlessly make payments and maintain a business bank account. Since there are many payment gateways for businesses at large, finding the right bank that accepts your CBD business can be tricky, as there are many banks do not accept CBD companies due to high-risk legal labels. Your CBD business supporting bank will be responsible for processing your electronic payments, giving debit or credit cards for the business, and offering you loans whenever you need them. This article will discuss ten CBD business-supporting banks to secure your business from all financial and legal situations.

  1. Silicon Valley Bank: CBD products are considered wellness substances by the Silicon Valley Bank. This banking institution is continuously focused on technical advancement and innovation. Consequently, they’re prepared to give CBD firms the same level of service as healthcare professionals. Another great reason to register a CBD business account with Silicon Valley Bank is that they issue frequent reports that the government utilizes to better the requirements of its clients. 
  1. Chase Bank: For CBD business banking, the giant banking institution Chase Bank extends an open invitation. It can fulfill all of your needs as one of the finest CBD-friendly banks to create a CBD business account. Keep in mind that the bank still has concerns, although it is far more willing to lend money now than it was a few years ago. Chase Bank may be anticipating a new legislative framework that would make the CBD sector less precautious.
  1. Timberland Bank: Timberland Bank is one of the few financial institutions that cater to the cannabis sector. Unlike its credit union competitors, this Washington-based bank does not appear to publicize its connection to the cannabis sector. According to Timberland’s SEC filings, the 22-branch bank, which has been in existence since 1915, is open for business. According to the documents, the bank’s dealings with the industry may have increased business, but at the cost of higher service rates. 
  1. North Bay Credit Union: On our list of CBD-friendly banks, North Bay Credit Union is another respectable bank to create a CBD business account with. They’ve been publicly conducting CBD transactions for some time now, and they even take pride in their services. CBD firms are limited in the amount of money they may deposit with the corporation. They can better manage their capital ratios this way.
  1. The Salal Credit Union: The Salal Credit Union mostly works in the medical field and has registered roughly 300 cannabis accounts since 2014. They provide essential services, such as tax preparation, insurance, and foreign wire transfers. Salal’s rules stipulate that you must be licensed in your state, have good credit, and have no unpaid taxes. Salal takes ten days to complete the necessary background checks on a business, which is significantly longer than standard accounts, although they service both Washington and Oregon.
  1. The Numerica Credit Union: Numerica was one of the first financial institutions to collaborate with the cannabis business. The bank began providing services to CBD businesses as early as 2014. Wire transfers, deposits, and a team devoted to business account administration are just a few of their notable services. The bank has opened 200 cannabis accounts since its inception.
  1. Bank of the West: The Bank of the West is assisting the cannabis industry by giving new fiscal stimulus to businesses. This organization is unique because it donates 1% of its profits to environmental protection. As you may know, most hemp businesses are concerned about the environment, so this appears to be a match made in heaven. 
  1. The MAPS Credit Union: MAPS rigorously monitors all transactions and requires an annual examination of their firm as a condition of having an account. Failure to arrange the inspection promptly may result in the account being closed. Because of the additional labor, a MAPS account requires a $250 application charge and a $250 yearly fee.
  1. Partner Colorado Credit Union: This Colorado credit union not only accepts cannabis accounts but also has a program in place to train others in the business on how to do so. As of July 2017, Partner began admitting canna-customers under Safe Harbor’s program.
  1. Oklahoma State Bank: Oklahoma State Bank helps cannabis businesses with loans and other services. They will also assist you in paying your vendors and delivering staff payrolls to their banks. The bank also has cutting-edge tech that allows it to keep track of recent cannabis legal developments and adjust its funding methods.