Your hair isn’t one of those hidden areas of your body that can be managed when messed up. It says a lot about your appearance and appeal, and this is why many people pay great attention to their hair. We all have that one salon that we’ve grown to love. However, change happens, and this may mean going through the painful process of looking for another salon. If you’ve just relocated to Maryland, Salon Lofts in Maryland may be the right option for you. However, below are some tips on choosing a hair salon whenever you’re out of town.

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Referrals don’t go wrong

One of the things you should know is that people are more likely to recommend excellent businesses. As a newbie, you’re better off working with salons and hairstylists that are trusted by others in the community.

Begin by asking questions from friends, family, and colleagues. Ensure that you’re asking the right questions to get the right answers. You may ask who does the best specific hairstyle or hair service from your sources.

While we recommend getting referrals, you should understand the power of individual preferences. It is not enough to get recommendations. You must do due diligence before settling for the right salon.

Once you’ve been given three or more recommendations, search online for other local and reputable hair salons to add to your list.

Learn more about each salon  

Armed with a list of hair salons, move on to the next step – the research phase. You want to know as much as possible about each salon. Check the salon’s name online and read as many reviews as possible about them.

Take time to visit their website to learn more about the different hair services offered at the salon. Reading from their website can give you a detailed update on their appointment booking process, service pricing, cancellation policy, etc.

Their website also offers you a chance to browse the different hair services they’ve offered in the past.

Visit the location

Seeing is believing. With the many stock images and image manipulation services around, it can be hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t. A good way to sort out the liars is to visit the salon’s physical location.

After selecting from the list of salons you have based on their reviews, service, and pricing, you should visit them.

During the visit, ensure that you pay attention to all salon areas, including the hygiene practices, the organization, stylists and their professionalism, on-site prices, etc. All of these can help you decide whether the salon is worth being your new salon or not.

See the Stylists

The aesthetics of a salon does not matter much if the Hair Stylist don’t know their job. A good way to sort through the available options is to look at what the stylists are doing on-site. Hair stylists who are professional, coordinated, and hygienic are all good signs to strengthen your resolve.

However, it may be harder to convince you when the hair stylists appear unprofessional or unable to deliver excellent hair services.

Ask whether the hair salon offers hair consultation and by who. This can also improve your overall customer experience as you select a salon for your next hair appointment.

Years of Experience

Years of experience are an important factor to consider, especially when choosing a salon. Trusting an amateur hair stylist can come with some bad consequences.

Everybody wants to look their best, and nobody wants to live with messed-up hair. A good way to sort through the salon options is to ask about their years of experience as well as how long their stylists have been in business.

By choosing stylists with more experience, you stand a better chance of improving customer satisfaction.


You must have thinned your salon options to between two and four by now. You can now focus on other parts of their business, including communication.

Communication is an important part of running a business, and your salon must have the best approach to it. You deserve a salon that communicates appointment times, schedules, changes, etc. You also deserve a salon that is customer-oriented in its communication.

Your salon should be able to keep you updated with any changes to your appointment times or services. They should also be able to communicate professionally and quickly. You may need to move on if the salon is taking too long to reply via their preferred communication medium.

All these factors above can help you sort through the many available salon options for the right one.