There are still mysteries that captivate us in a world of technology, where secrets are harder to keep. Since decades, the legend of Bigfoot has fascinated many. It is a large bipedal, hairy creature that is often associated with North American mythology. A video taken in Durango, Colorado, has recently sparked interest in the elusive creature. Shannon Parker and husband Stetson claimed to have captured proof of this legendary creature on their train trip. This essay examines their encounter and the subsequent response on social media. It also explores the larger context of Bigfoot sightings across America.

Key Details

Date of the SightingOctober 8, 2008
LocationColorado Between Durango and Silverton
The EncounterCreature moving downhill, then sitting
WitnessesShannon Parker, Stetson and other train passengers
Media Outlet ReportingNewsweek

The Bigfoot Phenomenon in Historical Context

Sasquatch is also known as Bigfoot and has deep roots in North American folklore. Many indigenous tribes speak of large ape like creatures living deep in the forest. They are described as being nocturnal and powerful. There have been numerous sightings in the United States over the years, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. It has been difficult to find concrete evidence despite the numerous reports. The clarity and consistency of photographs, footprints, or eyewitness reports is often lacking to provide definitive proof. The cultural impact of Bigfoot, as seen in films, documentaries and popular culture, is undeniable.

The Durango Train Journey: A Unexpected Sight

Shannon Parker and Stetson were looking forward to a relaxing trip through the picturesque landscapes of Colorado on their narrow gauge train journey from Durango. The couple, along with their fellow passengers, were treated to the rugged beauty the San Juan Mountains as the train chugged. The tranquility of the environment was interrupted soon by an odd sight. A hairy bipedal creature, moving purposefully down a hillside was seen. The creature did not just appear for a moment; it paused and crouched before sitting up to give passengers a better view. A quick-thinking traveler who recorded the moment did not miss its uniqueness.

Video goes viral on social media

Social media plays a crucial role in the digital age. Shannon Parker, realizing the significance of her experiences, took to Facebook and shared them. Many Bigfoot fans will never forget the date of October 8. The creature’s movements are clearly shown in the video. It is clear and steady. It wasn’t another blurry clip, but a video with a level of authenticity that isn’t often seen when claiming to have captured footage of Bigfoot. The video gained both skepticism and support as it circulated, reigniting debates on Bigfoot.

The Newsweek Interview with Shannon’s perspective

Shannon Parker was interviewed by Newsweek. Her description of the experience as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” was a testament to her genuine wonder and awe. She and her husband Stetson both insisted that they’d never seen anything like it before. The video evidence and their testimonies have made Durango’s discovery one of the most talked about Bigfoot sightings recently.

The debate over the existence of Bigfoot has been raging for decades, and is likely to continue for many years. Skeptics want irrefutable proof, while enthusiasts rely on personal stories and ambiguous recordings. Durango’s discovery is a new perspective, thanks to its clear video footage and multiple eyewitnesses. It doesn’t matter if it proves Bigfoot’s existence, but it does reinforce the mystery and allure surrounding this legendary creature.


  1. What is the latest Bigfoot video?
    The video shows a hairy bipedal creature in the mountains of Colorado during a train ride.
  2. Who recorded a new Bigfoot video?
    Shannon Parker and husband Stetson shared an experience with a passenger during a train trip.
  3. Where did the new Bigfoot video take place?
    A scenic train ride between Durango and Silverton in Colorado.
  4. Has the Bigfoot video ever been verified?
    The sighting has gained credibility and attention, but a definitive confirmation is still elusive.
  5. Where can you watch the latest Bigfoot video?
    Shannon Parker posted it on Facebook and it is now being shared on other social media platforms as well as news outlets.