Are you suffering from pest infestation that keeps getting worse? Then maybe it is time to bring in professionals. Professional pest control experts like the ones found at Pelican Pest Control can help you solve your pest problems in no time. However, before you book their services, it is advisable to know how much they charge.

There are two main price options homeowners consider when it comes to booking a pest control service. You can either choose to go for ongoing or one-time service to send pests out of your home. For a one-time visit, the pest control price is between $250 and $600. Surprisingly, it’s way higher than an ongoing visit which could cost as low as $40 per month. One of the reasons being the technician needs to diagnose the problem and provide treatment on the same day.

If you choose to go for an ongoing visit, a pest control technician will visit your home for the next couple of days. During this period, this professional will start by assessing the problem. After that, they’ll locate the entry point and the pest’s nest and determine how severe the problem is. After that, they’ll create a master plan to eradicate those nasty pests from your home. Quarterly pest control visits cost $100 to $300, while monthly visits cost $40 to $75.

The Best Time To Call A Professional Pest Control Company

The right time to call a professional pest control company depends on several factors such as; your financial capacity, your tolerance to pests, level of damage done, the environment, etc. 

Although it’s not impossible to deal with minor pest issues on your own, once the situation becomes more severe than what you can deal with, call a reputable pest control company immediately.

How To Deal With Carpenter Ant Infestation

One of the pest infestations you shouldn’t ignore is a carpenter ant infestation. Once you notice winged ants on the outside of your window panes, contact a pest control expert immediately, as it could indicate a pervasive carpenter ant infestation. 

These more giant ants can multiply quickly and cause more significant damage to the walls of a home than expected. Generally, ants act as scouts for food sources. Once they discover that you have surplus food in your home, they alert their family to come to enjoy their success.

How To Deal With Termite

Another sign you should never ignore in your home is the presence of frass. Frass looks like sawdust, so you must be careful not to confuse the two. They are commonly associated with wood-boring insects like Carpenter ants and termites. They’re most likely to be seen under baseboards, indoor jams, or wooded areas. 

Even though they’re one of the most common pests in households, termites can be tough to eradicate by an ordinary person. You may need to have your home tented and fumigated to get rid of termites completely. 

Signs of Termite Infestation

  • Signs of water damage on wood floors

When termites destroy the subflooring of your home, the appearance of having water damage begins to show on your wood floors.  

  • Damages to furniture 

It would be best if you also were on the lookout for any sign of damage on your bedroom door, window frame, bedroom door or baseboard, or any other furniture made of wood in your home. 

  • Insect parts everywhere

Also, when you see lots of tiny, white wings in various parts of your home, it could signify that a termite swarm is somewhere around. 

  • the vertical line at the base of your home’s exterior

Did you recently observe a small, brown vertical line at your home’s exterior base? It could also be a sign that there are termites in your home. 

How To Deal With Bedbug Infestation

It’s no news that bed bugs are the most embarrassing pests to deal with. Worse still, they can make sleeping in your bedroom so uncomfortable that you don’t even look forward to resting. One of the most popular signs of bed bug infestation is bite marks on your skin and reddish stains on your sheets. Disgusting brown or yellow dots on your sheets can also indicate bed bugs infestation in your home. These types of dots don’t go quickly. So even if you shake your sheets with a lot of energy, they could remain there with no plans of leaving.

To effectively deal with bed bugs, you will need the help of an expert. Relying on over-the-counter bed bug repellents will waste time and money. It would be best to act fast with bed bugs because they are highly prolific.