The Jamaica zipline tour is a high-speed descent down an inclined rope or cable while enjoying the island’s beauty. The zipline was created to transport goods and people across rivers or mountains. Later, the crossing gradually became used for entertainment until it became an attraction. Today, the zipline is one of the most popular outdoor activities. This structure has different names.

The attraction’s design is quite simple: between two points located at different heights, a trolley cable is stretched, on which a person will ride down from above. The zipline provides a thrill and leaves you with an unforgettable experience. Zipline in Jamaica is the best solution for fans of adrenaline and high speed. It is an excellent addition to a rope labyrinth and increases the number of visitors and profits.

Jamaica zipline tour – adrenaline rush in the safest possible environment

Setting up a quality and reliable zipline requires hard work and professionalism. The ropes of the attraction should be of maximum strength, so they do not break during use. No less safe should be the fasteners between which it will be stretched. Real professionals have worked on the Jamaica zipline, controlling the selection of materials and installation. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about possible risks.

Children’s zipline starts with a steep incline (to gain speed under gravity) and becomes smoother. While extreme ziplines often use a mechanism that returns the “carriage” to the beginning of the track, in children’s ziplines, this is done by hand – the low height of the line allows it.

“Adult” ziplines are used as an outdoor activity. Here there is much more height, speed, and distance. Extremes using reliable fasteners (harnesses or ropes) are attached to the carriage, which rides on a cable. Also, a protective helmet is an essential element of the zipline; the entertainment is extreme.

Jamaica zipline tour – important information (strict rules):

  • Meeting and check-in are 20 minutes before the time of the descent;
  • Tour participants must be between 13 and 65 years old;
  • Children under 13 – only with parents;
  • The weight of the participants must be between 100 and 100 kg;
  • Comfortable clothing and closed shoes are compulsory;
  • A parent or guardian must accompany children under 18 years old;
  • Rules are strictly enforced without exceptions;
  • The Jamaica zipline tour is not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular disease, neck or back problems, or pregnant women.

Should know before starting the tour:

  • Prompt confirmation of payment;
  • After payment, tickets are sent to the email you specify;
  • Purchased tickets can not be printed – show the received e-ticket on the phone;
  • If there are no tickets for the booked time, another alternative time will be offered;
  • Tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable;
  • This ticket does not include a transfer;
  • An original passport or other English language ID is required.

The Jamaica zipline tour is an excellent option if you need to learn to have fun and enjoy your time. We wish you an enjoyable and unforgettable time at Yaaman – zipline!