Are you sad that you cannot experience parenthood in a normal way? Or perhaps your doctor claims that you will never become a parent? No matter whatever the case, just get one thing in mind is that IVF is all for you. 

Many of us are not aware of the term IVF and test-tube baby. Hence, they enquire the difference of IVF vs. test tube. For those, who want a clear answer must make sure that IVF and test-tube babies are the same. There is no difference at all. 

Doctors mainly use the term IVF instead of test-tube babies. A recent survey conducted worldwide shows that almost 10-20% of married couples suffer from infertility. They fail as much time they try to conceive.  The reasons can be manifold. 

Good and timely treatments can help you stay away from all other complications. But, what is IVF? And, why is it different from a test-tube baby? This post will answer your queries and help you sketch a complete knowledge on babies born through the process of IVF and Test Tubes.

What is the priority of IVF? 

IVF stands for In-vitro fertilization technique. It consists of fertilizing the ovum outside the mother’s womb. The sperm is fused with the eggs of the mother and once they fuse, the embryo is transferred in the mother’s uterus. The temperature at which the eggs are fertilized is the same as the temperature of the mother’s womb. 

Before the entire procedure starts the fertilization medications are done to make sure that the mother’s womb gets ready to conceive. It is a complex process yet it is used when other methods of treatment have failed or are unable to work on. 

What happens with the eggs? 

The eggs are retrieved from the maternal ovaries and fertilized with sperm in a liquid media in this procedure. After the zygote (fertilized oocyte) has grown to the size of a blastocyst, it is transferred to the uterus of the woman to begin the pregnancy. As a result, there is no distinction between an IVF and a Test Tube baby.

Now, let us see what is the process of creating a test-tube baby? 

In order to accomplish IVF, a more severe ovarian stimulation procedure is used than in most artificial insemination situations. The goal is to grow several follicles. IVF treatment costs typically range from 1.5 to 1.8 lakhs per cycle.

What is the time to extract the eggs? 

When the follicles are fully grown, the specialist injects a hormone called HCG to complete the egg maturation process. Your doctor will do a follicular puncture, which is a procedure for extracting the eggs, after about 36 hours.

The cost of an IVF vs. test tube in our country or anyplace else in the world is mostly determined by the results of your infertility evaluation. As a result, it differs from person to person. 


If a friend, family, or coworker was fortunate enough to conceive after two IVF treatments, you might be lucky enough to conceive after just one. Alternatively, a simple laparoscopic treatment may be all that is required to cure your infertility.