Your career should be your priority only. Instead of feeling low or paying attention to other unimportant things, you should think about how you are going to prepare for the exam. Though, naturally, candidates feel low or self-doubt themselves. You must not let it empower you. It is important to have a clear strategy in your mind. You need to focus on yourself to get the best results.  

Are you wondering how you should prepare for the upsc ias prelims syllabus? Here, we are going to make things easier for you. Let’s understand how you can prepare for it – 

1. Start Your Preparation – 

You need to start your practice at least one year before the UPSC prelims. You should go with the subject which is associated with both called mains and prelims syllabus. You must dedicate yourself to prelim preparation alone. You should kick it off at least for the 3 months before the prelims exams. 

2. Work On Your English Language – 

If your English is good enough, then you would not face any issues. But if you are weak at it then you need to prepare a unique timetable to practice it. You may prepare on your own but it would be great if you consider UPSC IAS GS 2023 Coaching in English. You will get the much-needed environment over there. All your confusion related to the exam will go away. 

3. Go Ahead With Your Plan – 

You need to make sure that you are going with an ideal plan. You would be preparing at home on your own indeed. You need to go with an ideal study plan putting all the needed effort. You might be having a variety of distractions and temptations to not focus on your preparations. You need to be sincere to yourself indeed. You need to keep in mind that you would not get anything without putting in much effort. 

4. CSAT Preparation –

CSAT comes up with a syllabus that can make you aware of your logical reasoning skills and aptitude too. Candidates who hold a strong grip in a subject such as mathematics or science or engineering will truly find it easy and would not require much time to prepare for it. All it needs is to put effort into practicing mock papers or previous years’ UPSC CSAT question papers. Do practice them to get the best results. 

5. Do Focus Only On Figures or Facts – 

Most candidates think that they probably need to put attention only on figures and facts. But it is not true at all. UPSC is also required to check if you are aware of the facts or not. They check your ability to analyze the topic in an ideal manner. You are also required to test your speed and how many questions you can solve in a sophisticated period.  

6. Pay Attention To Current Affairs – 

Yes, it is important to pay attention to current affairs. The fact cannot be ignored that current affairs are quite important when it comes to current affairs. Every year several questions come related to current affairs. Therefore, you need to read them seriously. You should keep a close eye in respect of current affairs. You also need to make sure that you have accumulated enough relevant information. 

7. Practice Mock IAS Test Papers – 

You should also practice a mock test so that you can make yourself confident about the exam. Prelims exam means you would be solving many questions accurately within the sophisticated period. Therefore, you need to do a lot of practice indeed. It will help you to get familiar with the concept indeed. 

Conclusion – 

We hope that these above-mentioned points have helped you a lot. That is how you need to study for the UPSC IAS prelims exam. We wish you the best of luck to do better in the exam and get excellent marks.