Trees can take 15 years to reach maturity.

It makes sense that manufacturers prefer hemp. Along with creating convenient products like rope and paper, hemp plants also play a role in the wellness community.

Every day people use CBD products to help treat pain and ease stress. Since the plants grow so quickly, there’s never a shortage of CBD available!

Well-cared-for CBD hemp plants can grow to their full height in months, and it’s incredible how tall they grow. How big do CBD hemp plants get? Read on to find out!

What Are CBD Hemp Plants?

What are CBD hemp plants? CBD hemp plants belong to the same species as cannabis plants.

The difference between hemp and cannabis plants is the levels of THC present. Federal law states hemp plants can’t have THC levels over .03%.

THC vs. CBD in Cannabis Plants

CBD and THC are cannabinoids that help give marijuana and hemp holistic benefits. However, THC is a cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties. When you hear people talking about taking marijuana and experiencing a high, they’re referring to the effects of THC.

When you hear somebody talking about CBD, they’re not discussing psychoactive benefits. Instead, CBD offers holistic benefits that don’t alter your state of mind.

Regulating Cannabinoid Levels

One of the most significant issues that hemp growers face is regulating the levels of THC in their crops. There are a lot of different factors that can affect the THC levels in hemp plants.

Factors that influence cannabinoid levels include soil nutrients, weather, and plant spacing. For instance, seeds planted in one region will produce a completely different chemical profile than the same seats planted in a different location.

Timing also impacts CBD and THC percentages. As the hemp plants mature, the CBD levels are going to rise. However, so are the THC levels.

Both THC and CBD arise from the same biosynthetic pathway. Since THC and CBD have the same cannabigerol acid precursor, they tend to increase at the same speed.

How Big Do CBD Hemp Plants Get?

How big do CBD hemp plants get exactly? You’re right on the mark if you’re picturing a hemp plant that’s looming over your head!

The low-end CBD plants are 4 ft high. However, these fast-growing plants can easily reach 15 ft or higher by the end of the growing season!

How can you tell a CBD hemp plant apart from a traditional marijuana plant? At first glance, CBD plants look like cannabis plants. However, it’s easy for a trained eye to spot the difference.

For one, CBD plants have skinnier leaves. The slender leaves will be thickest at the top of the hemp plant.

You’ll find that there are smaller branches below the plant top to help facilitate long, rich hemp fibers. You can describe hemp plants as slender and cane-like.

The CBD plant leaves have a unique palmate shape, and the flowers come out with a green and yellowish hue. All flowers that can produce seeds on a CBD plant will spike out in clusters.

Male vs. Female CBD Hemp Plants

There’s also a noticeable difference between the male CBD hemp plants and the female ones. Female plants will have a special area to catch pollen from the males. The pollen-catching area is called a stigma.

Male plants will have small pollen sex and intact pollen sex to help spread seeds with the female stigmas. Hemp farmers will find that it’s easiest to identify the sex of their CBD plant before the plant’s reproduction cycle activates.

Preferable Growing Conditions

Did you know that you can grow male and female CBD plants indoors or outdoors? Both options can produce the best CBD hemp plants as long as growers know what they’re doing.

When hemp is grown in temperate zones, the plants can thrive. Both indoor and outdoor CBD crops do best with sandy loam and a well-thought-out drainage system. Outdoor crops will need a fair amount of rainfall to reach desired heights.

Exploring CBD Strains

As you start looking for secret nature cbd flower, pay attention to the different strain names. Different strains will be able to help you in different ways with your wellness journey. For instance, if you’re taking CBD to help with pain, look for a strain that helps with inflammation.

Are you planning on taking CBD in the middle of the day? Then shop for a strain that’s known for having an uplifting effect. After a mid-day toke, you’ll feel recharged and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Different CBD Products

Of course, if you don’t want to smoke CBD flower, you can always look for an edible product. There are all sorts of mints, cookies, and other premade CBD edibles available.

Did you want to make your own CBD edible or drink? If so, we suggest exploring different CBD tinctures and oils.

There are also CBD topicals. A topical is something you apply directly to your skin rather than ingesting. Topicals work great for localized pain treatments. For instance, if you suffer from joint pain, a CBD topical could help you target the pain spots head-on.

Understanding CBD Hemp Plants

How big do CBD hemp plants get? Now you know!

Was it shocking that CBD hemp plants can reach heights of 15 ft or taller? How about the fact that hemp plants have THC in them? It’s incredible what goes on behind creating the wide variety of CBD products available.

Since there are so many different products to serve so many different needs, we suggest you start exploring your options today. Be smart and hold out for a product that meets all of your wellness needs. For more ways to make intelligent choices, check out the rest of our site.