You’re probably sick of the mess and hassle of cleaning up after rolling a joint. While you can’t leave your precious herb spread all over the table or floor, you don’t have to lose any of it. Whether you’re a veteran stoner or new to the game, a rolling tray is an essential part of your kit. Investing in rolling trays for weed takes the guesswork out of the process while speeding it up. Let us look at what this contraption is, how to use it, which one is ideal, and whether it is worth it.

What Is a Rolling Tray?

A rolling tray is a flat surface on which you conveniently roll your joints, blunts, and spliffs. As part of your stoner kit, a rolling tray enables tidy and quick rolling, thus preventing messes and losses that usually occur when handling marijuana. The basic rolling tray is similar to the transitional drinks tray, but you’ll find more intricate trays with compartments for different smoking tools. For example, you may find one with an ashtray compartment, but more on that later.

An excellent rolling tray should hold your entire stoner kit, from your rolling paper to your lighter. Ideally, it would be best if you didn’t leave crumbs on the table or floor whenever you roll a joint. Additionally, storing your stoner kit should be easy thanks to its portable design. 

Why Use a Rolling Tray?

As mentioned, even seasoned joint rollers tend to drop crumbs and may occasionally have an accident. A rolling tray significantly minimizes the chances of having such accidents while introducing some organization to the rolling ritual. 

Additionally, a rolling tray is all you need to keep your smoking essentials in one place. A well-designed one should serve as the stoner kit container, housing everything necessary for a stoning session. You may wish to smoke a joint outside or in your car, where you won’t have a flat surface as you would in the house. A rolling tray allows you to carry everything you need for the session while providing the flat surface necessary for the assembly. Furthermore, you’ll have a convenient place to keep the ash and your tools once you’re done smoking. 

It’s worth mentioning that a rolling tray is vital for newbies yet to master the art of rolling a joint. Nothing could make their practice easier than a rolling tray. Additionally, the best herb strains aren’t cheap, and a rolling tray significantly reduces waste, thus ensuring your new habit is manageable. 

How to Use a Rolling Tray

Different rolling tray designs may introduce some variation to how you use them, but the primary idea is the same. Some have simple flat designs, while others have hubs and compartments, but all have a flat area for rolling. 

  1. First, organize your stoner kit. You can either arrange everything you need neatly next to the simple rolling tray or check that each tool is in its right compartment in more intricate ones. Confirm that you have rolling paper and your herb, then spread the herb on a flat surface.
  2. Next, unroll the rolling paper. Once flat, you can easily scoop, pour, or push the crumbled herbs on it, depending on the tray’s design. The simplest approach is usually to move the crumbs onto the paper. Your tray’s raised edges should prevent the crumbs from dropping to the floor or on your clothes.
  3. Next, roll the joint. Ensure you roll it over the tray, so it catches any dropping crumbs. Some rolling trays have rolling sections that allow easier and more convenient rolling. No matter the design, a rolling tray should prevent crumbs from spilling over. 
  4. You should place the rolled joints to the side, collect all the dropped crumbs on the tray, and put them back into your stash. This way, you won’t waste any of it and ensure you have some for another session. You can now smoke the joint.

Can You Use a Rolling Tray as an Ashtray?

Yes, you can, depending on the tray’s design. Some rolling trays have ashtray compartments that enable hygienic disposal of ash as you smoke. These allow you to keep your environment clean and prevent the ash from contaminating the rolling surface or mixing with the herb. The ashtray compartments are usually detachable, allowing for convenient and hygienic disposal of the ash.

As a general rule, never pour marijuana ash on the rolling surface. Cleaning it off is not easy; it could mix with your herbs while rolling. Additionally, it defeats the original purpose of the tray, which is to keep the process clean and well-organized. Therefore, get a proper ashtray if your rolling tray does not have that compartment. In emergencies, you can use the tray as such, but ensure you clean it thoroughly afterward.

Are Rolling Trays Worth It?

Yes, rolling trays are worth the investment. Consider this; smoking weed requires gathering the ground herb, rolling paper, filtering, and assembling a joint. You’ll also need a lighter and an ashtray. You can quickly lose these small tools and materials. A rolling tray gives you a central space to easily carry all of them and allows you to assemble the joint. Therefore, rolling trays are worth it.

Naturally, you’ll need a durable, functional, and stylish one to enjoy these benefits. Therefore, when shopping, look for a high-quality one. The material used in construction is a significant consideration. Examples include metal, wood, glass, ceramic, and even plastic. Ceramic and glass ones look fantastic but are not suitable for clumsy folk. You don’t want to drop these and lose your precious tray.

Additionally, they can be heavy, thus making them less portable than ideal. Wooden rolling trays have that natural look, but they can also be less portable than you need. Also, cheap wood looks terrible and lasts only a short while. Metal ones are a great choice as they can be light while remaining durable.

The compartments on the tray also matter. A simple plain tray design allows for more artistic finishes, but they’re only suitable for rolling. You’ll feel short-changed if you wanted one with compartments for an ashtray and holding your stoner kit parts. Check how sturdy the compartments are before committing to the purchase.

Lastly, you need a rolling tray that looks good. Most rolling tray makers paint their products tastefully, which could reflect your personality. You’ll be spoilt for choice when shopping for one to match your artistic leanings. 

How Big Should a Rolling Tray Be?

Rolling trays are usually small, medium, and large. They measure 7.5 x 5.5, 11 x 7.5, and 14 x 11 inches, respectively. Large trays are ideal for group use, such as at a party or if you always smoke with friends. Medium and small rolling trays are ideal for personal use. Therefore, you should pick according to your smoking preference and typical social environment. Additionally, you can get different sizes in different styles to suit different occasions. 

What Can You Use as a Rolling Tray?

If you miss a rolling tray, you can use other surfaces to fulfill the same purpose. These won’t be ideal, and shouldn’t be the norm, but they will do in emergencies:

Drinks Tray

If you have such a tray handy, you can use it as your rolling surface. Standard drinks trays have raised edges that help keep the herb from dropping to the floor or on your clothes.


A large flat plate may also serve your needs well, as it has raised edges to hold the herb. Additionally, you can easily clean the plate with soap and water. However, do not make it a habit, as plates were not designed for this purpose and aren’t the most stylish solution. Additionally, plates don’t have ashtray components and can easily stain from frequent hot ash deposits. 


A large hardcover book should serve you in an emergency since they are easier to balance on your lap as you roll. However, you’ll need another item to serve as your ashtray. You don’t want to leave burn marks on your favorite book. 


A magazine should suffice if you don’t have a large hardcover book. However, you need to be keen not to spill any herbs as the flexible surface could give in to your shifting. Additionally, you’re likely to leave burn marks on the magazine. Therefore, use an old one you won’t miss if you destroy it. 

Final Words

A rolling tray is your preferred stoner kit and toolbox, carrying everything you need to roll that joint and enjoy your session. It provides a flat surface for a clean and efficient rolling process and may have compartments to hold your entire kit, including the ash. Therefore, investing in one is worth it, provided you find a high-quality, well-designed one that reflects your style. This article shares tips on how to use a rolling tray and what to consider when investing in one. Your rolling and smoking experience is about to improve significantly.