Drifting is one of the most thrilling and fun activities. But the lack of time, space, and the money to afford a full-size drifting car make most of us take the back seat. RC drift cars are an excellent way to fulfill your passion for drifting without breaking the bank. Read on to find features of RC cars for drifting and how to use them.

Essential Components Of An RC Drift Car

You cannot just use any car for drifting. Certain features make them compatible for drifting. Check the components below:

1.      Car

The car itself is the first thing you require for RC car drifting. There are two variations that you can use for drifting.

●       Ready-To-Drive RC Cars

If you are a beginner in RC drift cars, then a ready-to-drive RC car is a perfect choice. Select a vehicle with all the features you want and have it delivered right to your doorstep. These cars require little to no assembly, and you can immediately start driving them. However, not all ready-to-drive RC drift cars come with batteries, so be sure to read the item description carefully and determine if you need to purchase batteries and a charger separately. 

●       RC Drift Car Kits

The next option would be to get an RC car kit. In a kit, you will get parts of an RC drift car which you need to assemble on your own, following the instructions. Not only will you understand the working of every component, but you will also be able to replace any part or accessory if it ever breaks. 

Moreover, it is essential to remember that while assembling your car enhances the whole experience of using a drift car, getting suitable quality accessories from reputed manufacturers for a fantastic experience is crucial.

2.      Wheels

The wheels need to be as smooth as possible. It would be impossible to drift if the wheels on your car didn’t have a good grip. A smooth wheel allows easy slide across the track while drifting.

3.      Track

For drifting, you need to find and assemble the smoothest track possible. Your indoor floor and smooth pavements make the best track for drifting. However, drifting indoors can lead to tire marks on your floor. To avoid this, ensure you drift only in a specific area.

4.      Turn Motor

For drifting, you need a powerful turn motor. You can choose a brushed motor if you are low on budget. However, you will get maximum performance with a brushless motor. 

The motor turns can range from 15 to 25, with 17-21 turns ideal for drifting. It is best to start with a low-power motor and then upgrade it to a powerful one as you get better at drifting.

The Technique Behind Car Drifting

Drifting is a technique of driving that involves oversteering the car while turning to slive over the track. While it is not the correct way to go, the thrill that comes from it can be addicting.

To use an RC car for drifting, you would need to get your car, wheels, and tracks ready for drifting. While using an RC car for drifting, you need to maintain a high speed, and when a turn comes on the track, you need to oversteer. Control the throttle and maintain the acceleration. While controlling all these, oversteer your car.

Don’t over accelerate or oversteer, or you won’t be able to complete the drift. After the first drift, if there is another curve, follow the same technique. If the track is straight, then steer the car back on track.


RC car drifting is a dream come true for drifting enthusiasts. But, knowing how to use it and what features to look out for is essential. Follow the above tips to have the best time drifting your RC car.