Nothing could be more fun than sightseeing prank their buddies on April Fool Day. Probably the most trending prank circulating on social networking may be the Happy Ft Subscription Prank. The prank has produced a buzz on TikTok following a user pranks her mother on April Fool Day.

April first is the greatest day when individuals treat their buddies and family with a few exciting jokes and pranks. There are various pranks, and also the most enjoyed prank within the recent April Fool Day was the Fake Subscription Text Scam from Happy Ft.

A person within the U . s . States transmits this fake scam message to her mother to prank her on April Fool Day. Let’s check Is Satisfied Ft Scam or Legit.

What’s Happy Ft Scam?

After evaluating online, recommendations the Happy Ft Scam message is certainly not however a prank that the user within the U . s . States has been doing on her behalf mother using a fake subscription message. So, it’s the prank from the daughter to her mother on April Fool Day.

Other pranks are trending around the TikTok platform, however the most enjoyable prank that caught the users’ attention may be the fake subscription message prank.

The fake subscription prank was from the TikTok user @riley.14. The Happy Ft Subscription Text prank was on her mother on April Fool Day.

Concerning the Happy Ft Subscription Text Prank

@riler.14 or Riley is definitely an active TikTok user who designed a prank on her behalf mother, also it is called Happy Ft Subscription Text Prank. She pranks her mother by developing a fake number and send her a text with respect to Happy Ft for any subscription service of HappyFeet.

The content provides the pictures of her mom’s ft and texts asking her mother to go for it or stop receiving messages by texting “StopFeet.” When her mother chosen the stop message option, she began delivering her grosser images continuously.

Is Satisfied Ft Scam or Legit?

It’s a social networking prank from the user, and therefore it’s not legit since the text was fake and never from HappyFeet.

•           The text was produced having a fake number and never in the official quantity of HappyFeet

•           A TikTok user sent the fake subscription message to prank her mother

•           There isn’t any authenticity from the text subscription

•           It was the content just for a prank on April Fool Day

According to each one of these factors, we can’t contemplate it a legit subscription message in the HappyFeet. So, the solution to your question, Is Satisfied Ft Scam is really a yes. It’s a scam or prank and never to become reliable.


The Happy Ft Subscription scam is trending online after it might be a success around the social networking platform TikTok. The consumer @riler.14 wasn’t conscious that she’d become famous due to her unique prank on social networking.

However, people mustn’t have confidence in such prank messages because it was for entertainment and never from HappyFeet. Should you receive this type of message from the subscription, cure it as it’s really a prank out of your friend or family and never from HappyFeet.

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