You must have noticed a new member of the Yellowstone team if you watched Yellowstone Season 2. It is Melanie Olmstead. What is her role in Yellowstone and who is she? In the credits for the season finale, Melanie Olmstead was honoured. The tribute sparked curiosity in viewers, as Melanie Olmstead was not a part of the main cast. This article will inform you about her life and death.

Some people even turned to social media to find out more about the unknown person. We have gathered information about Melanie Olmstead, and why the Yellowstone Series was dedicated to her.

Who is Melanie Olmstead

Melanie Olmstead worked as the Location and Transportation Manager for the Yellowstone Series. She died on May 25, 2019 just before Yellowstone Season 2 was released. She was a part of Yellowstone due to her knowledge of filming locations, and love for animals. Her background in ranching and her knowledge of conservation made her a valuable part of the Yellowstone team.

Early Life Of Melanie Olmstead

Melanie Olmstead, born in 1968, was raised in Salt Lake City in Utah. Janet Corbridge, her adoptive mother, and Reid Howard raised her. When she was young, she developed a love for animals. She especially loved horses.

Melanie used her Utah-based knowledge to help her in her role and job in Yellowstone. Olmstead, who was the site manager for Yellowstone’s initial three seasons and was responsible for transportation was the perfect candidate for this position. Olmstead enjoyed spending time with friends and riding horses when she was not working.

Melanie Olmstead Tragically Died

Melanie Olmstead was only 50 when she died. There is no official cause of death that has been publicly disclosed or known. Some news reports claimed that her death was caused by complications from cancer.

Olmstead, a wife and mother of three, was loved by all who knew her. She was a dear friend of many people and made a big impact on their lives. Olmstead’s title card led many fans to believe that she died recently, even though they didn’t know who she was. Social media was used by many to express their sympathy to her family and work.

Family and Friends Reaction

Olmstead was honored on July 30th, 2019 with her family and close friends. They rode horses to celebrate the life of Olmstead and her accomplishments. Her life was celebrated with a BBQ. A diverse group of writers, artists and horsewomen came together to pay tribute to this woman, who was highly regarded in the production communities of Yellowstone, Salt Lake City and beyond.

Melanie Olmstead’s Hollywood Journey

Melanie Olmstead worked in the location and transportation divisions of a number film and TV productions. Melanie Olmstead’s involvement in the following movies:

  • Primary Suspect (2000)
  • Frozen (2010),
  • John Carter (2012),
  • Wild Horses (2005)
  • Wind River (2017)
  • Hereditary (2018)
  • Joe Bell (2020).

Olmstead also worked as a production associate at Rocky Point Haunted House, Salt Lake City, Utah. The haunted house was closed in 2007. Melanie Olmstead has worked on several television shows.

  • Snatchers 2017-2018
  • Andi Mack (2017-2019), and
  • Yellowstone

Several well-known news sources reported that Melanie Olmstead worked in Africa on women’s educational initiatives before coming to Hollywood around the year 2000. She was a kind woman who had a big heart.

Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone Work

Melanie Olmstead had no part in Yellowstone. Although we have never seen her in a film, Season 2 mentions that she is a character. Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, included Olmstead in the series as a missing person to honor her contributions and life.

Yellowstone – What to Expect

Kayce Dutton tries to find out more about Melanie Olmstead’s fate in the episode that bears her name. Kayce Dutton saw Jamie Munson, the woman’s lover, killed earlier in the episode. He was killed by people defending their properties. Kayce tries to learn as much about the events as possible, but he fails.

Melanie Olmstead worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that everything ran smoothly, even if she never appeared on screen. She was the perfect site manager for a program that was mostly filmed in Utah, as she lived there all her life. Sheridan will remain forever in the Yellowstone universe because of her good deed.

Her Love for Animals

Melanie has always loved animals, and she developed this love in her Utah hometown since childhood. When she was an adult, Melanie bought her first horse. Mahogany has been her favorite horse since she was in college. Mahogany died at age 40, which is about 110 years for humans.

The Warmest Way to Cover Up!

Melanie Olmstead, who did not appear on the show but worked behind the scenes tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly. She was the ideal location manager because she is a Utah native. Melanie’s contribution to Hollywood is one that will not be forgotten. People often don’t see the amazing work she does behind the scenes, but Melanie deserves a real recognition.

Melanie was a key member of the production communities in Salt Lake City, Yellowstone and other areas. Aside from her professional career, the beautiful soul was also a loving spouse and dedicated mother of three kids. Every person who knew this angelic, hardworking woman will feel her loss and miss her.