A fake Facebook post is being circulated under toby carvery and claims to offer complimentary meals to customers. Toby Carvery has now warned its loyal customers with a an alert and warning customers not to divulge any private information with fraudsters.

A fake facebook post has been circulated by scammers who are targeting customers from the United Kingdom and frauding them with contact and payment information.

Therefore, avoid the internet-based Toby Carvery Scam that targets numerous individuals to carry out online scams under The name Toby Carvery Restaurant.

About Toby Carvery

Toby Carvery is one of the renowned family-friendly restaurant located within The United Kingdom, and it’s a British chain of carvery that is owned and operated by Mitchells & Butlers. The restaurant serves customers via its 158 restaurants scattered across the United States.

The restaurant brand was created in 1985and has established a standard in the field of hospitality. The patrons who have been loyal to the restaurant love the main cuisine, which is known as “Tobies.” The patrons are also drawn to other dishes like the carvery, meat dishes and main fish dishes and vegan-friendly meals.

What is Toby Carvery Scam?

Toby Carvery has become a well-known restaurant chain that has many happy customers throughout the country. Fraudsters are using the name and brand and are committing fraud under the name of Toby Carvery.

The fraudsters are spreading fake Facebook posts on the social media platform , claiming free meals for users with their personal information and payment details.

But, it’s fraudulent, and users should be wary of posting such information on social media. The spokesperson for the restaurant confirms that the fake facebook account makes false claims that claim to get free meals in exchange for personal information. The spokesperson advises people to stay clear of to stay clear of Toby Carvery scam and to refrain from sharing any private information with fraudsters.

What Has Toby Carvery Team Done?

Toby Carvery’s spokesperson said there was an increase on the fake Facebook page that claims to provide free meals. These fake posts seek to gather payment details as well as contact details of customers.

The team also advises their users to not share any information or click on any link that appears suspicious in the page. They have confirmed they have been aware of the scam and have reported the fake post as violating the standards of community of Facebook. However it is possible that the Toby Carvery Scam page could remain inactive for longer, which means that users should remain vigilant and watchful.


Scams online through Facebook or other popular social networks are becoming increasingly commonplace. Scammers are making use of the names of major companies to scam people and are targeting them to steal payment information as well as personal information.

Scammers encourage users to share, like and leave comments on fake posts in order to get free meals. However Toby Carvery has warned users not to do so. Toby Carvery Team has advised that all patrons should not follow the posts or provide any information in order to stay away from being a victim of the Toby Carvery scam..