Traveling, whether within the country or abroad, is something that everyone should do often. Getting to see the world and its treasures is something to cherish. While traveling is an incredible experience, it does leave your home vulnerable. If you’re leaving your home empty while you go out and explore, you run the risk of things like fires, burglaries, and other types of damage. Before you embark on your journey, be sure to take several steps to keep your home safe and sound while you are away. Here are a few ways to safeguard your house when traveling. 

Install a Security System

When nobody is occupying your home, you run the risk of intruders targeting your property. One way to protect your home from unwanted guests is to install a security system. Not all security systems come alike and vary in terms of price, functionality, and how much security they provide to your home. On the more simple side of the spectrum, you can install a camera that connects to your computers and phones that you can monitor continuously. If you’re looking for something with added safety measures, you can have a system installed that will alert authorities or a third-party company to address any suspicious activity. If you’re someone who travels often and who owns a lot of valuable assets, a monitored security system will likely be your best bet. Additionally, for those who are selling their homes, security systems could potentially add some value to your home!

Alert Neighbors

If you live in an area with neighbors, give them some notice that you are going to be out of town. Give them a heads up if you are expecting anyone to stop by, including friends or family, and let them know to alert you if they notice anything suspicious. While it’s not likely that your neighbors will be watching your home at all hours, it does add an additional level of security to your home while you’re gone that can add to your peace of mind. 

Some neighborhoods in the country even have what is known as a neighborhood watch. What this means is that people in your area form an alliance with local authorities to keep the neighborhood safe. They’ll essentially keep a look out for each other’s homes and for any suspicious activity in the area.

Address Any Issues With Your Home

If you’re selling a home with code violations or even have any damage that needs to be repaired, take care of these issues before you head out. This way, they don’t become any worse during your time away. While some problems can be repaired on your own, others might require a contractor. Get started ahead of the game to avoid any timing dilemmas. The goal is to get your home safe, secure, and ready to go when you’re traveling.

Check Alarms and Detectors

Do a check of all of the alarms and detectors running in your home before you head out the door. These include fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, security systems, and more. More modern versions of these can connect to your smartphone to give you an alert when something is off. Having one of these installed could potentially save your home from major damage.

Taking a few precautions for your home when you go away can make all the difference. Follow the tips above to keep your property safe and secure during your travels and to keep your stress-free!