Got a family gathering in the next couple of weeks?  Are the kids coming over for vacation?  Are you planning to impress the right folk to buy your old house?  Whatever your reason is, giving your house a makeover includes updating your home’s exterior, including a need for new sidings.

Most of us would consider roof and window repairs and upgrades, but why are new sidings so important?  Here are some reasons why:

Fortifying Your Home

Our home is our shelter from outdoor elements.  It stands as our refuge and source of warmth and comfort after a long day.  The effectiveness of our home to keep the unwanted cold or heat, the excessive downpour of rainstorms, and dangerous things like hail is aided with sidings.

House sidings have the primary function of ensuring our home’s general well-being.  Rain, snow, wind, and other natural weather elements gradually wear any building or structure, especially the exterior.  Thus, having robust sidings for the home is essential.

Over time, however, the creases of your home sidings become hot spots for mold and mildew, which reduces the ability of your siding to effectively protect the exterior walls of your house.  If left unchecked, the sidings will eventually rot and crumble, leaving your home more exposed to weathering, and eventually further damage.

The Envy of Your Neighborhood

SuccessStory has identified things you have that can draw out awe and envy from neighbors.  Three of these involve your house:  a well-kept yard, a relaxing hammock or swing, and an attractive house exterior.

Having an attractive house exterior is like dressing for success, and this is where the sidings come in.

Creating a beautiful home exterior is of course possible with a good house siding that complements the rest of the house.   Go for new sidings that not only protect from the elements, fire, or pests but also have gorgeous colors that last for years.  You may also pick tones that are uncommon in the neighborhood, like going for warm tones in an area where most houses are of whites and grays.

Take Real Estate to the Next Level

Planning to move house and wanting to put your old one up in the real estate ads? If so, you might want to consider taking your house to the next level.

In a recent survey by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), it has been found that 97% of realtors believe that curb appeal is important to potential buyers.

For this reason, most realtors recommend remodeling the house exterior, especially the sidings, to increase curb appeal before putting the house up for sale.  Your home’s sidings are its “face” and form part of the landscape and curb appeal.


The list of benefits of having new sidings to your house doesn’t end there.  Besides strengthened function and upgraded aesthetics, sidings can help reduce energy bills, maintenance costs, and even contribute to environmental well-being.

Sidings may be made of various materials, including wood, modified wood, metal, vinyl, and fiber cement.  Good siding will help you manage the interior temperature of your house, even without any air conditioning or heater.  In doing so, this lessens energy costs and, subsequently, your bills.

It has also been mentioned that sidings fortify the home, but did you know that sidings extend the lifespan of your house too?   A home with a well-protected inner structure is less prone to major remodeling and reconstruction.

So, have you considered getting new sidings for your home yet?  You can even take the improvement of your house sidings further by hiring a professional siding installation service.

Getting the experts will help you find the right material and ensure proper installation.  If you’re looking for the right crew, message us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.