Congratulations on your big day! Graduating high school or college is a big deal. It takes a lot of hard work and effort in order to make it across that stage with a diploma in hand. After years of accomplishing homework assignments and studying for exams, you’re probably looking forward to the day you’re finally done with that chapter of your life, and you very well deserve the recognition for making it through. A great way to share your accomplishment is by sending out custom graduation announcements to your family and friends. Here’s how you can personalize your announcements and make your card unique.

Design your own grad announcements.

If you really want to personalize your graduation announcement, the best way to add a personal touch is by designing it yourself. While it might seem like designing a graduation announcement is difficult, especially when you don’t have any design experience, Mixbook is the perfect way to create your announcement. Use the platform to find a template of your choice and customize different aspects of the graduation announcement card. Look over a variety of designs in different color palettes and styles. Then, once you’ve chosen the template, you can add your favorite portraits or photos and simply enter your information. Order the quantity you desire and start mailing them out to celebrate your upcoming high school or college graduation with your friends and family members. Plus, Mixbook provides you with envelopes for every card.

Choose photos that show off your personality.

When it comes to graduation announcements, you’ll want to choose a photo that really shows off your personality. Check out the Full Photo Portrait Announcement on the Mixbook website or the Painted Trim Graduation card. The former lends a lot of space to show off your photograph. It still includes the important details but has minimal text so as to not take away from the image. The Painted Trim card highlights the photo with a colorful frame. The image is centered, and customizing the colors can be a great way to show off your personality.

Add some text to draw attention to your card.

Maybe you’re not into colors or photographs and you’d much rather draw attention to a funny quote or captivating saying instead. Check out the Editorial Grad Announcement, where you can make your graduation card look like an editorial campaign. There’s room at the top for a phrase such as, “So, it turns out I’m graduating.” Or you can choose the Look Who Is Graduating card. This card allows grads to add five images in a collage. The top portion says, “Look who is graduating.” The bottom portion has details on the grad.

Customize every aspect of your graduation announcement.

Mixbook makes it easy for you to personalize your own graduation announcement. First, you begin with a template that you like, and there are plenty of choices available. You can add custom foil text in different colors such as gold, silver, or even rose gold. Make it personal by including some stickers, greetings, or even funny quotes in the announcement. Choose the card’s trim or add your school colors to celebrate your big accomplishment.

If you’re interested in personalizing a graduation announcement, you’ll want to design your own card from start to finish. Find a template that you like and add photos that highlight who you are. Add some text, choose your trim and finish, pick a quantity, then send them to your friends and family. These cards are meant to be keepsakes, so they should be a reflection of you. Use Mixbook to create the perfect graduation announcement for your big day.