When talking about an outdoor kitchen, what normally rings out is the cost of the build. A fully furnished outdoor kitchen houses a built-in grill and, to some extent, a bar. There is more to it than meets the eye in terms of the space needed, framing, finishing, countertops, and landscaping. The average estimate is to range between $5057 to $17276, with the prices soaring as new technology emerges and the cost of the materials is not static. While that is just but a rough estimate, they can go to the utter maximum to get the best from the best in terms of quality and quantity. This is especially for Porsche reasons or business reasons where they want to maximize the customer experience. The cost is also structured according to the high end, low end, typical price range, and the national average cost. The low end is estimated to be about $2875, and the high end is estimated to be $40750. This article will cover the biggest factors influencing the price of outdoor kitchens in Simpsonville, SC.

The Factors


The estimate by size is the first factor influencing the price of an outdoor kitchen. This depends on the number of people that the kitchen owner is planning to house. The estimated cost by size is that a small kitchen is 100 square feet and the estimate is $3250 to $10000, and a large kitchen is about 300 square feet, estimated to be $9750 to $30000 while a medium one is about 400 square feet estimated to be about $13000 to $40000. Also, the size will determine the number of products a kitchen can house since the owner’s budget will direct the contractor on what to work on.

The Materials

The material that is to be in the kitchen is also a major concern for the contractors and the owners of the kitchen. The material includes the framing, the finishing, and countertops which are the most basic to choose from depending on the budget estimate. The framing can be done using materials such as aluminum or wood, where an owner can buy those that have been fabricated or choose to build one from scratch. The fabricated ones are the least expensive budget-wise, while the ones that are built from the ground up are expensive since there is an addition of costs such as labor. The two materials average about $400 per foot linearly, and steel is about $550 per foot.


The finishing is whereby they choose what exterior they would like their kitchen to have. There are several finishes an owner can choose from, like stucco, brick veneer, manufactured stone, and natural stone, to name just a few. There are others that they can choose from, given the best advice from their contractors. Stucco is about $5 to $7.50 per square foot, brick veneer is about %9 to $15 per square foot, manufactured stone is about $15 to $25 per square foot, and natural stone is about $15 to $37.50 per square foot.


The countertops are based on their style choice if they budget for them. Some products include ceramic tile, granite, stainless steel, and concrete countertops. The grill is also a specification, and the prices are dynamic depending on the owner’s budget cost. The cost estimates are about $175 to $8375. According to periods, they should consider investing in a good grill instead of replacing the grill. Of course, with a price increase comes quality improvement.

The Location

The location is a debatable factor, but they should consider investing in a location near their homes. This is the most influential advantage since it can save running costs such as gas pipelines, water, and electric refrigerators, and the distance will be shorter. Also, saving on the contractor cost of adding new pipelines and inspections for the same additional appliances. All this is determined by the budgeted cost of the whole build by the owner of the kitchen.

Extra Services


There are other extra services such as landscaping. The theme is what will give life and a vibe to the kitchen eating area. The greenery and color should mostly match the cuisines that are served and the main dishes or the kitchen’s signature dishes. Investing in a good landscaper is an advantage that will serve the kitchen justice. Attracting guests and spreading positive energy. The budget is about $5 to $24 per square foot.


Of course, the lighting is necessary and an estimated about $260.25 per light since the light gives vibrancy to the landscape at night. Also, they should consider natural lighting, the sun mostly. Anywhere from $1822 to $5333 to set up a landscape lighting around the kitchen.