Seeing a lawyer for the first time can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, particularly when already facing the emotional stress of separation. That is why choosing the Chicago family lawyer from the start is such an important decision.

Getting sensible and realistic advice from an expert in family law early on could save you and your family a significant emotional and financial cost.

Too often we see clients who have had former solicitors that have given impractical advice and have left clients with unrealistic expectations. It is important that your lawyer is specialized in the area of family law as it is a complex area of law that is constantly developing. The Family and Federal Circuit Court of Australia are courts with a wide discretion and no two decisions are the same. Beware of the lawyer that guarantees a particular result! An expert in family law will be able to provide practical advice based on the legislation and current case law rather than using your case as a means to learn the area.

A good family lawyer will make a determined effort to explore alternative dispute options for settlement including mediation, Collaborative Practice and negotiation. Litigation should be a last resort. Settling a matter out of court can save parties both the emotional and financial cost of litigation and preserve the family unit. A good family lawyer will avoid protracted, unnecessary, hostile and inflammatory exchanges and give you balanced advice rather than acting as your ‘postman.’

Finally, you should feel comfortable with your family lawyer. Often legal matters take some time to resolve, so it’s important to choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with as you may have quite a bit to do with them.