Fingerboarding is a sport just like skateboarding. However, fingerboards have come a long way from being a hobby and a toy replica of the skateboard in short form. If you are looking to buy a fingerboard, then these tips will be very helpful in guiding you to buy the right fingerboard. 

Fingerboards are gaining more popularity with time in Europe, Singapore, Asia, and many other countries. They are now also becoming popular in America and matching sales with the European market. Stores open worldwide for fingerboards and are available in many online stores like Amazon. There are also various competitions and tournaments happening around the world of fingerboards. It is easy to say that fingerboards’ popularity is increasing daily with new fingerboard decks, ramps, and tracks.  

Wooden Fingerboards Vs. Plastic Fingerboards: What to Choose?

Over time, wooden fingerboards are evolving and becoming more and more advanced for use. Earlier fingerboards were made of plastic, but nowadays, wooden decks are preferred because of their superior quality, and they are more sustainable and useful for doing different tricks. Wooden decks are produced in a length of about 10 cm and width between 28 to 34 mm. These wooden decks are presently made of quality plywood, and the markets are flooded with them. Moreover, wooden fingerboards are more sustainable than plastic ones and are not that costly. 

Why are Customized Fingerboards so in Demand?  

Fingerboards are not just a replica of a skateboard; they are more than that for people who love riding them with fingers, performing new tricks, and adding new features. People often think about what fun will be there in a toy and that it will be childish and boring. However, customized fingerboards are becoming hugely popular as they allow anyone to be creative and showcase their imagination with different pictures, colors, and texts that can also be used. Below are the reasons why people love customized fingerboards. 

  • You can customize your board with different things. It brings out creativity, and you can use many different types of texts and images on fingerboards. You can check out XFlippro – one of the leading fingerboard sports brands, for the most advanced collection of trendy yet affordable fingerboards. They have an extensive line of cool & sturdy boards in different price ranges and can help you create customized boards. Custom fingerboards are cooler, and they bring happiness to fingerboard lovers.  
  • Making custom fingerboard ramps, wheels, and decks takes time and expertise, but once you start working on it, you can see that it is not dull.  
  • There are various colors of wheels; trucks are available. These features can help you create little skateboards like a professional fingerboard player.  
  • The other benefit of a customized fingerboard is its “steepness” or “roundness,” which can help control the board and perform various tricks. This steepness will be from the center of the board to the edges. You can make all those choices in different available markets which provide fingerboards of different shapes, and you can choose from many fingerboards available. 

Summing up, Fingerboards are Unique and Belong to Everyone Who Loves Them.   

The time spent on customizing a fingerboard takes a lot of time, but it brings joy to create these amazing little skateboards. So, what’s holding you back now? Go, find your customized fingerboard today and kick start a new thrill!