Virgin hair bundles have become popular among ladies due to its various features, in this article why you as a customer should love virgin hair bundles. We will also tell you about picking up virgin hair handles and how to install it. Hopefully this will help you.

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Virgin hair bundles

Why are virgin hair bundles superior to synthetic hair bundles

Picking up virgin hair bundles

Installing virgin hair bundles

Why you should love virgin hair bundles


Virgin hair bundles

Consider a bundle in the very same manner that you would consider a bag of hair extensions. Regardless  of the length, every virgin hair bundle contains 100 g of virgin hairs. A weft is indeed the portion of a bundle which is stitched. Longer styles do need additional packages.

Bundles may be inserted using the sew-in procedure, glue-in method, micro-ring method, or a variety of other methods. After some time, users might also convert their bundles into clip-ins.

Why are virgin hair bundles superior to synthetic hair bundles

Virgin hair bundles are superior to synthetic hair bundles for various reasons. Because virgin hair bundles are made of real hair, they are silkier and softer than synthetic hair bundles.

In terms of durability, virgin hair bundles outperform synthetic hair bundles. When compared to synthetic hair bundles, virgin hair bundles will last longer. 

You could also use virgin hair bundles for a more natural look. If you wear a virgin hair bundle, you will seem more natural in sunlight than if you wear a synthetic hair bundle.

Picking up virgin hair bundles

Virgin hair bundles are widely available. Aside from that, several reputable wig brands provide, afterpay wigs which means a consumer may buy and enjoy it first, then pay for it if she likes it. This reduces the possibility of purchasing a wig that you do not like. Especially for certain high grade wigs that are more costly than standard wigs, such as undetectable lace wigs.  

Installing virgin hair bundles

i) Sewing-in Technique 

The weaving technique is a popular approach to apply hair extensions.

Phase 1: Cleanse your real hair before stitching to get the best results after completion.

Phase 2: This is time for making cornrows. Pick some strands of hair as well as braid them into tiny horizontal lines.

Phase 3: Insert the needle, then stitch the weft right onto the track to get a smooth appearance.

This procedure is appropriate for every hair type. However, it is not advised for people whose hairs are extremely weak, delicate, or damaged.

 ii) Using glue method

This glue-in approach, in our view, is the simplest and quickest! Nevertheless, this could also be harmful. This all relies on how the sew-in weave is installed. Users may use this in either of two ways.

The very first way:

Phase 1: To glue in your hair extensions, braid or lay down the real hairs and place the weave cap on the head. The hat serves as a shield among both your hair as well as the adhesive.

Phase 2: Once this track is complete, calculate the track required for each layer, adhesive, then exert pressure towards the head.

The second way 

This is the same as the first, except without the cap. Many individuals are OK with the tracks being bonded straight onto their hairs. Also there is a unique sort of adhesive designed specifically for that purpose. It seems more like the molding gel which you put all over the head, let dry, and then add tracks. Once done correctly, glue-in hair extensions might be a terrific alternative.

Why you should love virgin hair bundles

You should buy virgin hair bundles as it gives you the following benefits

i) Enhance hair length

The most obvious advantage of hair bundles seems to be that they enhance length to real hair. Because extensions come in a range of lengths, whatever length you choose is mostly influenced by your particular style preferences. Remember that the overwhelming bulk of hair bundles would be placed right behind the crown. As a result, after installing hair bundles, the hair will become much longer.

ii) Assisting well with hair loss issue

This is among the most significant benefits of utilizing hair bundles. It may enable you to avoid hair loss. Hair bundles can restore some of the lost volume as well as make you feel at ease again.

iii) Straightforward style

It is among the major benefits of using hair bundles. It appears to be great for a variety of styles, therefore it might be useful when experimenting with different styles. They’re particularly ideal for special events styling, such as weddings and parties.


Virgin hair bundles are a great choice for working women. It gives various benefits and this is also quite easy to install. Hence, you should not hesitate anymore to buy hair bundles.