Dance industry brings many talented people to the forefront. Len Goodman was one of them. He stood out for both his dance expertise and his vibrant personal life. Len Goodman’s professional accomplishments are well-known, but his personal life is equally as fascinating.

Who was Len Goodman

Len Goodman was born on April 25, 1944. He is a British dance instructor, dance judge and personality who has carved out a place in the dance community. Len Goodman is best known for his tenure on “Dancing With the Stars”. His expert and charismatic judging has earned him praise by peers and viewers.

Sue Barrett, Len Goodman’s wife

Sue Barrett, who is a dance teacher herself, became the center of Len Goodman’s personal universe. Sue Barrett, who is nearly two decades younger than Len Goodman, and the dance master married in a quiet ceremony attended by only close friends. Their union was more than just a marriage commitment. It was a fusion between mutual respect, love and understanding. The couple, despite their age differences, exemplified an unbreakable bond that went beyond societal norms. They kept their relationship private and deeply valued.

Was Len Goodman Had you been married before?

Len was married to Cherry Kingston before finding comfort with Sue. They began their journey as dance partners during the 1970s and married in 1972. The marriage bond formed in the midst of sambas, waltzes, and other dances could not withstand time. They separated in 1987. This relationship was not without its challenges and joys but it played an important role in Len’s life.

Children and Bonds Beyond Marriage

Len had a deep connection with Lesley before he met Sue. The relationship was important, not only because it led to the birth of their child but also as a romantic chapter. Although Len and Lesley never married, the importance of their relationship cannot be denied. It played a crucial role in Len’s life and introduced him to fatherhood.

Len Goodman family

Len Goodman found refuge in his family, away from the sequins of stage lights and their razzmatazz. Sue, affectionately referred to as “My Wonderful,” along with his son were the main figures of his domestic universe. Len’s family was his anchor. It allowed him to be himself, unguarded, and surrounded by the warmth of real connections. Len’s close-knit relationship provided him with emotional stability and joy in the midst of his fast-paced professional obligations.

Len Goodman Legacy

Len Goodman’s death marked the end of a dance era. Generations will remember his contribution to shows such as DWTS. Len was much more than a dancer judge. He was a guide, a mentor for many aspirants. Len’s legacy extends beyond his professional life. His lasting relationship with Sue, and his role as a loving father, are integral to his legacy.

The Man Behind the Dance

Len Goodman is celebrated as a dance icon but it’s also important to appreciate him for who he was. The depth of his career is enhanced by the personal journey he took, which was filled with love, family ties and relationships. If you dig deeper into his story, you will find a story that is filled with emotion, challenges, and triumphs. It also reveals a man who was always on the lookout for real connections.


  1. What is the wife of Len Goodman?
    • Len Goodman’s wife, Sue Barrett is a former dance teacher.
  2. When did Len Goodman and Sue Barrett marry?
    • Len Barrett married Sue Barrett privately in December 2012.
  3. Sue Barrett had a dance background?
    • Sue Barrett did teach dance professionally before she married Len.
  4. How did Len Goodman meet Sue Barrett?
    • The two met because of their shared passion for dancing and developed a romantic relationship.
  5. Sue Barrett appeared on ‘Dancing With the Stars.
    • Sue Barrett was not a professional or contestant on “Dancing With the Stars.”