In the dry cleaning world, removing tricky stains is super tough. Stains are never alike. The success of stain removal solely depends on a few things, the variety of fabric and the stain it has got. It also depends on how long the stain has been there on the fabric. Some of the fabrics are very fragile and can’t keep the stains effective for too long. Also, few of the clothing dyes are Soluble, which means they’ll come out as soon as washed. However, remember that ink stains are impossible to remove. 

How To Remove Stains? 

For the stain removal process, you need to take the clothing item to the stain remover laundry. For removing these stains, you need to first, 

  • Bring the stained clothing item as quickly as you can. 
  • Inform the laundry executive about the type of stain or what you think it can be. 
  • Show the location of the stain. 
  • Also, let them know about the removal processes you’ve tried before to remove the stain. 

To know more about stain removal process you can go through this.

Time is the most crucial thing whenever we talk about stain removal. Stains can be removed in the best way if it’s not been long since they appeared on the cloth. Some stains can also cause holes and thinning in the fabric. Different stains react differently on different clothes. We treat a coffee stain on a silk cloth as different from a coffee stain on a cotton cloth. Some stains are so stubborn that they cannot be removed, and you end up buying a new pair of clothes for yourself. 

Tips To Remove Different Stains At Home

  • Chocolate Stains

It would help if you treated a chocolate stain as soon as possible. First up, warm heat water with something that contains enzymes. You can also treat it with a stain remover before passing it onto the laundry. If the stain remains, rewash the cloth and bleach it. This technique is mainly for machine-washable clothes. For the non-washable items, you need to apply diluted vinegar to the stained cloth with an eyedropper. And, then, wash it with cold water. 

  • Powdered Cosmetics

Treat these stains as soon as you observe them. For machine-washable clothes, brush off the powder as much as possible. Then, preheat the stain remover with a liquid detergent. Now, use hot water on the fabric to remove the stain. 

For non-washables, brush the powder and take it to a professional dry cleaner by searching, dry cleaner near me on the web. 

  • Tea Or Coffee Stains

Firstly, sponge the fabric with cold water as soon as you spill tea or coffee over the garment. For treating machine washable clothes, soak the stained cloth in cold water and prewash with a stain remover before transferring it to laundry. You can use liquid detergent or launder it with bleach if the fabric is bleach-safe. 

  • Oil Stains & Grease Stains

Treat the oil or grease stain as soon as possible. Put liquid soap or detergent on the stained cloth as soon as possible. Utilise a stain remover before putting hot water on the cloth. This method works well for oil-stained clothes. You can take non-washable clothes to professional dry cleaners. 

  • Juice Stains

Treat juice stains as soon as possible. Soak the garment in cold water for half an hour. Now, gently apply white vinegar to the stained cloth. Let it sit for half an hour and launder it with bleach. Take your non-washable clothing item to a professional dry cleaner. 

  • Grass Stains

Firstly, you need to pretreat it with a liquid detergent or a stain remover. Apply white vinegar to the stain with an eyedropper and wash it with cold water.  You can treat the non-washable cloth by taking it to a professional dry cleaner agency.

Final Conclusion

This was the ultimate guide to removing stains from your garments. You can contact Hello Laundry if you want professionals to help you remove stains from your favourite clothes. They have the best team to help you out in literally every situation. Let us know your thoughts and queries in the comment box below. Our team will help you out in every possible way.