If all you’ve known is city living, you might be surprised to see how much there is to see and do outside of city limits.  Whether you’re making your way out of Calgary or Edmonton: there’s so much more to see in Alberta beyond these cities.

These are the top things rural Alberta offers and why this province deserves more attention outside of city limits.

The Fantastic Parks

If you want to go to a province that’s full of gorgeous wildlife and views: Alberta has you covered!  With attractive Jasper, a park that has everything from endless mountain views to a glacier you can walk out onto- to Banff, that’s home to the best skiing resort in the world, you can’t ask for better national parks. 

The best thing about these areas is that you can find Banff homes for sale, with gorgeous views and amazing wildlife cheaper than most real estate in cities like Alberta or Edmonton.  This makes it a top choice for those who want to enjoy the best parts of life without the cost of city living.

Incredible Rural Living

Rural living may have less nightlife and fewer food-delivery apps, but it has a lot going for it that you can’t find anywhere else.  Studies have shown that people who live in areas with more greenery often have better mental and physical health and can take the time they need to enjoy themselves outside of work.

Although it’s good to have a job you like, having a work-life balance is vital to succeeding in all parts of your life.

Cheaper Housing 

This was touched on earlier: but living outside of cities allows you to live far more affordably than you could anywhere else!  Cities are magnets for people, so the houses keep going further up in price: and fortunately for those in rural areas, that means their housing stays far more affordable.  

Instead of fighting through a hot market and settling for a house you don’t even want just so you can own property, move out to a rural area, and you’ll get to be pickier while also spending less money.  

More Space to Spread and Breathe

If you’ve lived in a city for any period, it’s easy to forget how much personal space you’re giving up.  From smaller living areas to having to sit cramped on public transit or in close-quarters-traffic: you lose so much personal space.

Living in a rural area, you get to spread out and take a breath.  This extra space is better for your health and allows you to set boundaries that would be difficult otherwise. 

Full Enjoyment of the Seasons

Of course, there are seasons when you live in a city, but when you’re rural, you see them so much more clearly. 

Rural living in Alberta means getting to see the trees change color with the seasons, watching the lakes and rivers freeze, and watching as green life springs forward out of the snow in the spring.  It’s powerful and a great part of rural living.