Alberta is a large and gorgeous province, but many people aren’t sure what to do once they arrive. Whether you want to view mountaintops or see fantastic views while on horseback: here’s what to do in Alberta.

Take The Gondola In Banff

Banff is an amazing national park with so much more to offer than just the skiing that it’s internationally known for!  Consider visiting in the summer and taking in the view of a lifetime on the peak to peak gondolas.  This ride lets you view the countless mountains, rivers, lakes, and views that can only be seen from a bird’s perspective.  

The best times to take this ride are in the late spring and middle of fall!  In the spring, you can enjoy watching wildlife emerge from hibernation, see the green as it pulls away from the snow, and see species of birds that only return for the season.  

In the fall, the leaves change to multiple golden and red hues that are breathtaking in their way. Of course, any time you ride it, you’re guaranteed amazing views, but these are the best you can find.

Enjoy the Jasper National Park Bike Tour

Jasper National Park is an unknown jewel that often gets ignored for Banff: but it shouldn’t be!  This park is home to bright blue rivers and lakes that gain water from glaciers and beautiful, lively wildlife that you can catch walking through the forests and trotting beside the roads.

The best way to enjoy Jasper is to take a bike tour!  You can rent a bike, or join a time, for a low cost and enjoy getting to explore the area while being out in the open.  This is completely safe and is an awesome way to be active while taking in the sights. 

Take In the Bow River Ride

The Bow River Ride is a horseback trail ride along with the Bow River and the Cave and Basin hot springs.  This gives you a chance to feel close to nature on a horse and be amazed at how gorgeous your surroundings are while you get to explore.  Although this may sound fun for families with younger kids, the ride is expensive (CAD 70) and time-consuming, so it’s better for teenagers instead.

Enjoy Beauty in the St Albert Botanic Park

The St Albert Botanic Park is the most beautiful garden you can visit in the entire province.  Every plant is clearly labeled so that you know what you’re appreciating, and the park takes pride in educating and showing people the importance of conservation.  

The garden looks completely different depending on the season you visit, so if you have St. Albert real estate, you can enjoy watching the cold and heat affect how the plants look and act!

Visit A Rodeo in Calgary 

Calgary takes its rodeos seriously, hosting the Calgary Stampede every year to invite countless people to watch some of the best rodeo sports competitions in the world.  If you’re curious about what a rodeo has to offer and want to see some amazing animals and the people who raised them, this is a must-stop location.