Many of us thought at least once about sex in public. The fear of being caught and a dose of exhibitionism is a combination that you deserve to try.

If you and your partner are ready to get out of the comfort zone and season your sex life, then sex in public can be exactly what you are looking for. No matter what place you prefer, sex in public brings a risk element. It is very exciting and it deserves a place on your list of fantasies.

Sex in the car

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Sex in the car is one of the most common sexual fantasies. In order not to pass too quickly on the exhibitionist field of sexuality, choose a not too busy parking. Leave the seat on your back or choose the back seat and do your best not to be seen. 

With each car that will approach your parking place you will receive a small dose of adrenaline.

At the library

Reading is not the only pleasant activity you can enjoy at the library. Choose a large library, with many reading rooms. Look for the least populated room and live your favorite scenes in erotic literature. You will have to keep the peace, which will make everything more interesting.

At the movie

Does your partner want to go to a movie that doesn’t attract you? Make it more interesting with a sex match in the cinema! Book the chairs in the last row and choose a day when the room is not full. Turn the watching of a boring movie into a sexual adventure.

In the sample cabin

Do you want to convince your partner to accompany you more often on the long shopping sessions? Propose a sex match in the test booth and he will definitely be delighted. Choose the mall nearby and go to a large store, opt for the last test booth and enter, discreetly. The mirror in the cabin will be an element that will make your sexual and exciting getaway.


In the hot summer evenings, the outdoor sex sounds perfect. If you are at sea, choose a less populated beach. If, however, you prefer the park near the house, opt for an area without children’s playgrounds and as few people around. Wear a dress or a skirt and leave the underwear at home and warm evening will turn into a hot one.

Sex in the elevator

Whether you are at work or in the building where you live, the elevator is the best choice for a quick sex match. Use the emergency button to stop the elevator. Or, simply take a few walks between the upper floors and the ground floor. And in this case it is advisable to opt for a dress to wear without linen.

On the roof

The roof of the building where you live can be a good place for a sex match. If you do not fear heights, the view and the risk of being seen will make this an experience that you will want to repeat.

If you have not had sex in public before, it is advisable to choose for the first experience a more withdrawn public place. Select a place in which the chances of being caught are minimal.

You can choose an elevator in a building or block scale with at least two lifts or a parked car in a withdrawn area. 

Choose the place well

The more you choose a more appropriate place, the lower the chances of being caught will be. A retired meadow, away from the tourist path, can be a good choice in the mountains.

A warehouse is another place where the atmosphere can be warmed up with minimal risks. Public parks are not a suitable place, if you do not want a fine for disturbing public peace.

Choose the moment well

Public sex is definitely less risky at night. Yet, this is not the only factor that it is important to consider when choosing the moment.

Outside, the cold can be supported for a hot experience. Note that the rain clouds and thunder are a signal that it is not a good time. Spontaneity can make the experience even more erotic. For sex in public with low risks, it is wise to plan your moment.

Choose the right clothing

Many women claim that the best “equipment” for public sex is a short skirt and a blouse that ends with buttons. You can lift the skirt without lowering it. And, if you open the blouse you give your partner access to your breasts without remaining completely topless. Thus, even if you are caught, you can cover yourself quickly.

Make a plan of action

For a pleasant experience, with a small risk of being caught, it is important to plan all the important details. Do you need condoms? Lubricating? If you want sex at horizontal then you will definitely need at least one blanket.

You can even try the clothes you will wear, to make sure they can gather in a position where they do not bother you or your partner. Think of your positions and physical form. A short cure with calcium tablets reduces the risk of having a bump. 

Also, a small heating ensures you against muscle stretches.

Don’t lose (too much) in the moment

Public sex is usually fast and satisfying. The prelude is completely reduced or skipped, because the longer the time, the higher the risk of being caught will be.

Enjoy the moment, but also take into account the conditions from the outside. On the mountain, in the wild, you can leave yourself in the will of passion. Yet, in a public place, regardless of the time of day or night, it is wiser to hurry.