We all want to live in a place that is cheerful and lively. After all, your place’s ambience has a direct impact on your overall mood and quality of life. So, if you feel like your home is too gloomy, or the dullness just exudes from every wall in the house, then maybe it’s time for you to do something about it.

Some believe that knocking down walls or opening up as many windows as possible will solve the problem. The solution to the problem requires more planning than you would give credit.

So, if you’re yearning for a happy, bright place, that has eluded you thus far, try out these practical tips to brighten up your place.

Choose the Right Furniture

Some people don’t realize that the color of the furniture plays an important role in creating the overall vibe about the home. Color psychologically impacts the human mind, enhancing or dulling emotions.So, choosing the right colors for your home is an important aspect of home improvement.

The color white imparts a sense of purity, brightness, and coolness. Either replace your darker furniture with white furniture or contrast it with white-wash walls and similar accessories, like a white vase.

Type of furniture is another variable you can adjust to brighten up the look of your home. If you are living in a closed space with low ceilings, go for minimalist furniture.

But, if you have a large room that you want to brighten up, put larger, sturdier furniture in the empty spaces.

Victorian, Gothic, and Renaissance furniture are the top choices here. However, you can store your old furniture in a storage facility for later use if you’re thinking of purchasing new furniture for your home.

Technology makes it pretty easy to find a storage facility that meets your needs. It is now easy to locate and compare facilities near you using the Internet without even having to leave your home.

If you are living in Indianapolis, you can make a Google search for storage units Indianapolis, and start renting your very own storage unit.

Use Windows

For aesthetic reasons, furniture such as shelves or tall cabinets are often placed next to the windows. Although they may look good, they can block light when it enters your living space at an angle.

By casting long shadows, it makes the room appear darker than it actually is. You should place tall cabinets and other objects capable of blocking light from the windows against the walls that are opposite to the windows.

Make the windows largerto help alleviate the dreariness. Doing so will increase the amount of light coming in. If you don’t want the glare, especially at midday, you can use translucent or colored glass for the windows.

Window placement is also crucial. North-facing windows let light into a room without the accompanying glare. However, if you are in colder regions, put the windows on the south side of your house, since heat is an important factor to consider.

Incorporate Artificial Lighting

Now that we’ve already discussed how to manipulate natural lighting of to improve ambience,let’s now talk about how you can incorporate artificial lighting.

The higher the light hangs, the better the simulation of natural light it generates. Recessed lights in your lobby or porch can have a pleasing effect on the mind.

But recessed lights aren’t only for the ceilings. Use them around cabinets for aesthetics and function.

Placing tall lamps or lights can also improve the mood of a space.

Make use of mirrors

If you have a smaller window or even don’t have an opening in your house for natural light to come in, mirrors can be your answer. Since the mirror’s surface is reflective, it diffuses light throughout the room, making it appear brighter than it normally would be.

However, you have to make sure you are following these rules of placing mirrors in the house: One, use them in a room with no natural light and place it against a wall where it can reflect more light. The illusion is that of a fake window;you can even frame it to make it look like a window.

Second, place the mirror in the direct path of natural light and angle it in a way that it diffuses light throughout the room rather than reflecting it only toward a single spot.

It is also recommended to use multiple mirrors. Mirrors can also brighten a room without natural light when placed behind a light source.

Embellishing Your House with Plants

Nothing livens up your home than the look of fresh green plants and bright-colored flowers. Plants often brings out the colors in your assorted furniture and accessories, creating a more natural environment.

Light-colored Floors

While darker, earthier floors may give you a grounding effect, they tend to make a room feel closed off, especially in closed off spaces.

The alternative is to go for marbled floors, preferably the lighter tones, like grey or skin. Since the lighter tones are partly reflective, they can add to the brightness of a room.

However, replacing the entire flooringin your house is not cheap. So, in that case, covering the darker flooring with light, colorful rugs should do the trick.

Use Metallic Pieces

It doesn’t even have to be furniture. It can be your window frame or decoration pieces. Since metal is reflective, it will help improve the brightness in your house.

Though it reflects light scatteringly, strategic placement is key to getting the most out of them.

Open Shelving

As we said before, having minimal furniture is optimal if you’re living in a tight space. Similarly, using open shelving or perhaps placing your dark, dingy cabinets with glass panels would remedy the visual clutter. It would not only make your home look brighter but expansive as well.

Ditch the Heavy Drapes

Another design mistake that many people make is using heavy drapes. Heavy curtains will block the natural light from coming in.

So instead of drapes, use blinds or Roman shades to finish your windows without adding more fabric. Getting rid of the dark, heavy curtains. Once you have eliminated the curtains, more light can spill into your room.

Before We Part!

There you have it, folks. Applying these tips will make any drab and dreary room look bright and lively. So, instead of waiting, take action and transform your dull and boring home into a lively and cheerful one. You’ll be surprised to see the positive impact it has on your overall life.