Amongst the various beautiful states the United States of America comprises, Texas is arguably one of the best to visit for an unforgettable vacation. After all, it is the second most populated state in the US. That speaks for itself. A beautiful blend of history, landscapes, urbanization, and mountain systems, Texas offers it all. There is always something or the other to do in every part of this state. Since people worldwide have different tastes, likes and dislikes, and preferences, it’s difficult for everyone to enjoy equally. However, Texas has got you covered in that department as everyone can have a good time irrespective of how different their preferences are.Here’s a list of places you can visit depending on your interests and preferences.

San Antonio

If you’re big on history, San Antonio has a surprise – The Alamo! The fort has a heavy influence on history lovers. However, besides visiting this historical site, there is much more to do. You can walk along the San Antonio River, which can serve as instant therapy, or visit Brackenridge Park and have a fun-filled day. Moreover, golf courses and big fields will keep the sporty ones occupied, and the nature-lovers can unwind in the breathtaking gardens alongside visiting the local zoo.

Big Lake

Big Lake is a small city in Texas that gets its name from a dry lake, a unique geographical feature approximately 2 miles south of the city. It collects water temporarily from high runoff rains. As of now, it is the largest dry lake in Texas, and there is plenty you can do in and around the city. You can book motels in Big Lake TX, and then take your time to visit nearby abandoned towns like Stiles and Texon or visit the 19th-century Fort Lancaster. While the lake remains mostly dry, you can head to Reagon Count Park for a quick splash.


Arguably, one of the best barbecues in America is found here. Houston is known all over the States for its barbecue. A prominent cultural hub, tourists tend to visit museums and NASA’s oh-so-famous Johnson Space Center. The Art Car Museum is a different sight, which makes it a huge attraction. The city is also aesthetically pleasing, making for good pictures. Lastly, the state-of-the-art Houston Zoo is an attraction alongside the Buffalo Bayou Park and fun-filled museums for kids! Medical enthusiasts should check out the Texas Medical Center. Most importantly, Houston is a comparatively cheaper vacation spot, which is why it’s a strong contender.

South Padre Island

America is not short on beaches, and neither is Texas. Amongst them, there is South Padre Island. An overall cheap and affordable trip, the island offers lots of fun for families, kids, and youngsters. It gets even better during spring break! You can go to Sea Turtle or the Beach Park and have a good time at either place.


The city’s vibrant colorswill likely fall in love with this place. A cultural hub like Houston, Austin has a lot to offer. There’s a lot to try, from different cuisines to recreational activities. In Austin, you can find a toothsome barbecue. Moreover, the museums here also offer a lot of fun. If you’re an avid music listener, Sixth Street is the place. Sixth Street is thrilling with a captivating aura and a lively music scene! Because of the live music, bars, and restaurants, Austin is hailed as the capital of Live Music worldwide.


Not too far from Houston, Galveston has beaches just like South Padre Island. Stewart Beach is a proper beach with all amenities allowing for a safe and fun-filled beach day. Pleasure Pier is an amusement park full of rides and fun activities. Here you can get the best of the beach and the amusement park. Moody Mansion and Bishop’s Palace are also some of the attractions you can find here.

The Woodlands

A perfect blend of the city and outdoor activities, the Woodlands gives you the divine feeling of being home away from home. There’s a lot to do, from upmarket shopping malls to children’s museums and activities. There are multiple cycling and hiking trails across 140+ parks for proactive people! How cool is that? And on a scorching hot day, you can go kayaking in Lake Woodlands.

Mustang Island

Mustang Island is famous for its never-ending shoreline and numerous outdoor activities. It’s an 18-mile long shore with a State Park where you can go kayaking and swimming. If you’re daring enough, they also have mountain biking. The Mustang Island State Park is home to over 400 species of birds alongside endangered sea turtles. Cool, right? You will fall in love with this place if you’re an animal lover.

Port Aransas

Known as the “Fishing capital of Texas,” Port Aransas is a small sunny town. Here you can go parasailing or on a cruise to see dolphins. Port Aransas is known for its festivals, which are a brilliant way to spend your time here.


How about avoiding beaches, cities, and similar places? Fredericksburg is a brilliant getaway rich in history. Fredericksburg is also known for having German roots. The Pioneer Museum will tell you all you need to know about that. Moreover, this place has some of the best shops where you can splash lots of cash. Lastly, Fredericksburg is also home to some of the tastiest wines – these are an absolute must. There are over fifty wineries which you can visit.

Boca Chica

For a cheaper and easier getaway, Boca Chica is the perfect place. Although it is not popular and developed as the other beaches in Texas, Boca Chica has a pretty beach strip.

Corpus Christi

For a vacation that’s a few days long, Corpus Christi is the place. With numerous picturesque sea shores coupled with pure entertainment, this place has a lot to offer. The Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington are two famous sites in North Beach, a place you need to visit! The city’s sports, entertainment and arts district also has a lot of activities that will keep you busy for days.


Texas is not short on any weather type, activity, attraction, or site. The best part is every city has something to offer, such as recreational and fun-filled activities. The aforementioned cities, sites, and famous spots will help you pick the right places.