In 2018, the peaceful town of Pewaukee experienced a traumatic event: the death of Lynn Hernan. Jessy Krczewski was arrested after what initially appeared to be a tragic overdose turned into a web deceit, a murder and other allegations. This article explores the details of this bizarre case.

Who was Lynn Hernan?

Lynn Hernan was a 61 year-old resident of Pewaukee who led a quiet lifestyle but struggled with various health challenges throughout her lifetime. Lynn was well known in Pewaukee as being an unassuming individual who battled numerous health challenges during her lifetime.

What happened to Lynn Hernan?

Lynn was discovered unresponsive on that fateful October day, in her recliner in the living room. The scene was heartbreaking at first glance: it looked like a woman had died from an overdose. The table next to her was decorated with a number of prescription pill bottles. There was also a faint semblance on her chest.

Many believed that Lynn’s health problems may have contributed to her tragic death.

Cause of Death – The Unexpected Turn

As time passed, however, inconsistencies began to emerge in her story and so the local police investigated deeper with assistance from forensic specialists in order to review previous assumptions and reconsider initial assessments of this case. What were their findings? Their findings?

The investigation was changed by this revelation. How did the substance that was not intended for consumption find its way inside Lynn’s body. Was this an accident, or was it a deliberate act?

Jessy Kurczewski, The Accused

Jessy R. Kurczewski (39), a Franklin woman who was reportedly close to Lynn, became the focus of attention. Jessy claimed to be Lynn’s friend and caregiver. Her involvement in the case was central once authorities suspected foul play.

The combination of witness accounts and circumstantial evidence began to paint an unsettling picture. Kurczewski wasn’t just a spectator; she was at the center of this plot. Investigators claimed that she administered a lethal dosage of the chemical in eye drops to Lynn, and then staged the scene to imitate an overdose or suicide.

The Trial of Felony Crimes

Kurczewski, with the weight of evidence mounting against her was charged with two counts of felony stealing and first-degree intentionally homicide. Her trial is expected to be an important legal event and has attracted considerable attention. Opening statements are scheduled with a 12-person juror, setting up a drama in the courtroom that promises to reveal more.

The conclusion of the article is:

The death of Lynn Hernan serves as a reminder that not everything is what it seems. The case that was initially attributed to a tragic overdose, has now allegedly turned into a tale of betrayal and calculated murder. The town of Pewaukee and the entire nation await answers as the legal proceedings progress.


  1. What was Lynn Hernan like?
    • Lynn Hernan was a 61-year-old Pewaukee, Wisconsin resident who died in mysterious circumstances. Initially, it was thought that he had overdosed.
  2. What was the initial classification of Lynn Hernan’s death?
    • The presence of crushed pills and prescription medication led to her death being classified as a possible drug overdose.
  3. What is Jessy Kurczewski all about?
    • Jessy Kurczewski (39), from Franklin, claimed that she was Lynn’s friend and caregiver. She is accused of orchestrating Lynn’s alleged murder.
  4. What is the basis for suspicion?
    • Forensic tests revealed that Lynn had a lethal amount of an eye-drop chemical in her system. This suggests possible intentional poisoning.
  5. What charges is Jessy Kurczewski facing?
    • Kurczewski is charged with first-degree intentional murder and two counts felony theft for the death of Lynn Hernan.