The gallery wall is one of the most elegant features with which you can bless your home. They add so much style and depth and invigorate a room like nothing else can. The wonderful thing about gallery walls is there are numerous methods to creating them, each of which requires a certain (yet exciting) amount of creativity and thought.

Made using custom canvas prints, the gallery wall is one that can take a space from plain and simple to beautiful and beguiling, and so here are five tips to ensuring yours is one that draws attention and not directs it away:

  1. It’s all about the perfect wall space

There is nothing more drab than having a giant empty wall – this is really the perfect spot for the gallery wall! However, it’s not only boring empty walls that make for the perfect gallery space, as you can also install them around doors and windows, near kitchen cabinets, above the bed and more! Gallery walls are perfect for homes and spaces of all shapes and sizes – it just depends on where you want to put yours!

  1. Select the perfect custom canvas prints

What theme are you going for with your gallery wall? Do you want an eclectic one that showcases a variety of works and images? Or do you want a more uniform design, one that blends in perfectly with the home? Do you just want images? Or could you happily place other items like souvenirs on the gallery wall? The choice is yours, really, you’re the artist in this awesome design feature – choose how you desire!

  1. Use stencils and the floor

Once you have chosen a few stunning images and items to play on your gallery wall, how will you go about arranging them? The best way to do this is to lay out some sheets of old newspaper (or craft paper) on the floor and begin arranging. Keep moving and rotating the pieces until you find the perfect design for you.

Once you have the perfect design, trace the prints and cut out the stencils before arranging them on the wall in the same manner using painter’s tape. Use a level to ensure the stencils of the prints are in perfect position as well as a tape measure to get the spacing right.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to hang the images only to find out you have got the spacing all wrong – you will only have to start again and this is really frustrating. So, do not skip out on this step, as you will get the perfect balance by putting in that extra time and effort to ensure everything is right in its place!

  1. You can go off centre

When it comes to your layout, you simply don’t have to have your focal piece hanging in the centre. If you like, you might want to hang it on the top left, to create a different attention-grabbing style. Either way, you can be sure that having a focal piece with some smaller pieces orbiting around or to its sides will look amazing.

  1. Keep adding to it if you like

Who said the gallery wall finishes with the first layout? If you have the space, feel free to keep adding to it, mounting pieces that you found and picked up along the way. The evolving nature of the gallery wall is part of its fun and charm, so feel free to expand on it where you see stylish!