There are many reasons to Visit Idaho this year, that is, to add it to your ultimate travel bucket list. Idaho is a place that has something to offer to people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter whether you want to travel alone, with your family, a group of friends, or with that one ‘friend’, be sure that you will find something here that will keep you occupied, happy, entertained, and wanting to come back for more. But, if this wasn’t enough to spark your interest, we are not worried. After reading the following 7 reasons to visit Idaho this year, we know that you will be persuaded to come. 

1. Whitewater 

Okay, without a doubt, Whitewater, Idaho, is one of the best travel destinations for best friends who love to feel the adrenaline. And, for those who like to spend their days kayaking, rafting, going on the water rollercoaster rides, fishing, exploring canyons and caves, rock climbing, etc., and who like spending their nights in a tent or cabin and by the fire. This is the ultimate place to enjoy everything nature has given us – fresh air, fresh water, fresh food, and the most mesmerizing views. Of course, if you (or your friend) are not in the mood for pumping the adrenaline, you can also go fishing, bird watching, hiking, or join a guided tour to meet Whitewater’s diverse flora and fauna. 

2. More Than 2,000 Lakes 

If you love spending your vacation somewhere on freshwater, well, that is one of the reasons to visit Idaho this year. As you have seen from the title, Idaho is home to more than 2,000 lakes. There are even more of them, but, according to locals, they are still unnamed. But, for your first time, we suggest going to the named ones. That is, choose lakes such as Pend Oreille (the largest lake in Idaho), perfect for fishing, boating, and just spending some quality time in nature, or choose Bear Lake, perfect for doing all possible water sports. Of course, we cannot but mention lakes such as Bonneville cisco (perfect for ice-fishing), Payette Lake (perfect for watching the glaciers), etc. 

3. Metropolitan Capital 

Welcome to Boise – Idaho’s capital. We understand that there are some people who don’t enjoy nature and getting their adrenaline pumped up. And, we understand that there are people who just love those concrete jungles and all the hustle and bustles they are coming with. That is why we have to mention Boise – a city packed with entertainment options. Here, you can party until morning, shop ’till you drop, eat in some of the 5-star restaurants, and still not waste a fortune. Yes, you heard us, Boise is where you can have a lot of metropolitan time on a budget!

Boise is a great place to consider if you plan on buying a home or just moving to some place cheaper. Almost all prices here are under the state’s average. So, if this is something you were looking for, just find assistance in the area, that is, find some local Boise movers and let them help you relocate here from your current home. 

4. Wilderness 

When you think about traveling to wilderness areas, the things that come to your mind are probably those luxury safaris in Africa. But, what if we told you that you can enjoy the most diverse and breathtaking wilderness right here in Idaho? The state has approximately 4.7 million acres of pure wilderness. There, you can see some of the most amazing flora and fauna species as well as some mesmerizing sceneries that will stay with you forever. To see some of them, you can join a guided tour (with jeeps, boats, or even helicopters). Moreover, this is a perfect place to go if you are traveling with your pet, if you want to backpack and camp, or pretty much if you want to do anything outdoor-related.

5. Hot Springs 

One of the reasons to visit Idaho this year have to be all the hot springs here. It would be a shame to not enjoy them at least once in your life. Idaho has some 130 hot springs, some of which have the so-called healing water great for skin and bones. In these springs, you can soak all the long, in summer and in winter. But, visiting them is not all about soaking, no. It is about your route to them. Namely, to go to some of these hot springs, you will need to go by the amazing Salmon River and Sawtooth mountains, pass by ghost towns, see some interesting wild animals and unique trees and flowers, and meet some great backpackers and travelers. 

6. Clear, Dars Skies 

Did you know that Idaho is a very ‘green’ state? It is green for two reasons. First, the majority of Idaho is covered in forests and parks, and second, the authorities are doing everything they can to prevent pollution and encourage eco-friendliness and sustainability. Beacuse of all this, you can actually see the start in Idaho (which is not a common sight in the rest of the United States of America). So, if you want to do some stargazing, pay Idaho a visit. You can stargaze from your hotel, or, you can make an effort and go camping somewhere in the mountains and hills of Idaho. Trust us, after just one night spent here, you will get inspired to start writing a travel blog, or maybe even a book. 

7. Scenic Byways 

And, definitely one of the most important reasons to visit Idaho this year are all the scenic byways. These are great for hiking, biking, or just, driving through and seeing some great pieces of nature. However, scenic byways are also a place to go if you want to learn the history of Idaho. For instance, if you follow The Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, you can learn all about the Corps and the Nez Perce; Sacajawea History Byway is where you cant learn about Agaidika Shoshone-Bannock; Salmon River Scenic Byway will teach you about gold rush and Yankees; etc.