I am not even going to underwhelm the feeling by asking whether everyone is excited.

Because obviously,

You all are, for prom homecoming! 

Unlike last year, schools are actually opening for homecoming season this year [while taking necessary measurements of course]. You can even compensate for missing school end prom. 

The thrill of the dance, goosebumps of staying past curfew and not to mention the beauty of corsages. All in all the homecoming prom is a delightful experience to mark the beginning of the school year. 

So, in honor of the celebration, here are 10 maxi dress ideas for the prom homecoming. From casual maxi dresses for women to sleek cocktails, we have it all covered. 

Can You Wear Maxi Dresses To Prom? 

If this is your wonderment then it can end now. Because the answer is almost indefinitely yes! Homecoming prom, especially if you are in your senior year, is one of those important memories of your school days that you will cherish forever [Only the good part though!]. 

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as it makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. 

If you are one of those who crave a more comfortable prom experience rather than wearing heavy formal gowns, then your search ends here.

Halter Mermaid 

If you want your outfit to be breezy and yet not stray too far away from the prom theme then this is the perfect choice for you. The halter top mermaid cut will give you the formal look but the material of the maxi dress will protect you from sweating through the night. 

Plus, this is a great choice when you want to give the impression that you have spent a lot on your prom dress and scouted through the best boutiques in the town. When in reality it is so budget-friendly. 

Medium Slit Maxi Dress

Yes, we know what you wear in your prom homecoming has to be school protocol safe. Yet if you still want to get that sexy look, you can opt for a medium-slit-cut gown. 

It is not as scandalous as the deep slit but can give you a bold feminine look that is within the dress code. 

Fringe Bottom 

These maxi dresses are for the crazy souls within us. If you are planning to wear this maxi dress for your prom, then be prepared to catch a lot of attention for your outlandish choices. But, you will get enough praise too. 

This is the perfect combination if you can’t decide between a long and a short prom dress and you know what else?

It is great for dancing! 

Boho Maxi Dress 

Whoever said Boho is not a party genre definitely didn’t know how to rock it. If you want to stand out from the regular bling and glitz of prom dresses, then opt for a boho maxi dress. 

There are endless styles for this pattern that you can choose from and comfort will definitely not leave your side throughout the night. 

Laser Cut 

It sounds dangerous but I assure you that the name doesn’t do justice to the style. It is the most elegant look you can acquire for your homecoming prom this season. Not to mention with an interesting kick. 

If the name confuses you then don’t worry there aren’t any revealing cuts that will prevent you from wearing this maxi dress to prom. 

As I said before, It is elegant with a hint of insanity! 

Lace Maxi Dress 

This is another choice if you still want to project that formal feel. You can go for a long lace maxi dress for several reasons, 

First, it’s classic! 

Second, it’s romantic! 

Third, if you are a girl who is in love with the fancy cottage core then this is the perfect pick for you. 

A lace will definitely bring out the lady in you this prom season!

Back Tied A-Line 

Who said looking sexy always comes with a sacrifice? With this pick, you can stop compromising with comfort for your fashion because nothing speaks sexy more than a tied back.

Get yourself a simple back-tied A-line maxi dress and you will understand that there is no need to spend huge bucks on a designer gown when something as minimalistic as this can make you look like a prom queen already. 

Puffed Sleeves Long Maxi Dress

Some of us still want that princess feeling for our proms but princess gowns can definitely drill a hole through your pockets. If you still want that Cinderella looks but don’t want to cross your budget then you can go for a puffed sleeve long maxi dress. 

They are much easier to carry than a huge poofy gown and the best part is you don’t have to wear a corset! 

Geo Cutout 

This style has been in vogue in the past few years and although there are few scandalous picks, we surely have choices that will allow you to enjoy the unique style without breaking the dress code.

A small triangular cut on the waist can immediately give your boring gown a modish hike. Rather than wearing something with a long tail that would need tackling at all times, wear something unique! 

Spaghetti Strap knitted 

I know, it gives more of a summer beach vibe but if you want to stand out then a pastel-colored knitted maxi dress will definitely do the job for you at this prom. 

The reason why this is added among the top maxi dresses for prom is because of the comfort and agility along with the style it will provide to the wearer. 

Plus, nothing can go wrong with a little spaghetti top. Let those collarbones shine! 

Comfort And Fashion

Maxi dresses are a versatile pick that will give you both comfort and fashion. This is an outfit that you can wear in the morning for brunch or at night for club hopping. Even if the wedding doesn’t fall short of people with maxi dresses then why should prom season feel left out. 

Rock your comfort fashion this homecoming prom season and don’t obsess over all the things that can go wrong. You are here to have fun, only focus on the good parts.