If you’re about to become a parent, decorating the nursery room might be pretty high on your to-do list. To help you come up with the best possible design for your baby’s room, we’ve gathered some of the most creative ideas for the room decoration that will turn your nursery room into an absolute magical and dreamy space for your baby.

Make it magical

One of the most creative ideas for nursery decoration is to turn the room into the most magical ambient there is. There are tons of ways you can go about it. For instance, simply playing with different colours and adding in some magical fairy lights will instantly make a room seem like a whimsical forest straight out of a fairy tale. Make sure you are using soft materials for the furniture – chair fabric, soft cot bedding, and the taupe for the canopy. Besides trying to make the room as cosy as possible you also need to ensure the safety of the space for your newborn baby.

Add impressive wall decals

If you want to include a minimal yet effective change, the wall stickers are the best. There are tons of colourful ones that will bring in a whole new look to the room and create a truly enchanted scene in the bedroom. Also, you can use one wall in the room as a focal point and concentrate all of the stickers on that wall.

Create a nursery nook

Another great addition to the nursery bedroom is a nursery nook. This is a perfect way for you to zone your own space in case you want your baby close to you or you just don’t have a separate room for the baby. You can use a colour that fits well with the rest of the room aesthetics or you can choose a contrasting shade that will stand out and bring something different into this space.

Darken the tone

If you’re not a fan of neutral tones, you can always opt for darker shades that will accentuate the whimsical nature of the interior design. For example, sapphire blue can be a perfect base colour if you want to design a magical-looking bedroom filled with fairy lights and fairy tale motifs.

Warm with wood

On the other hand, if you don’t like darker colours you can opt for warmer tones. How do you introduce them? Well, one of the best ways to light up the room and make it appear warmer is to use wooden elements. Any shades of brown and beige will really make the room feel cosy and warm. Other autumn-like colours such as soft orange and red will work great too.

Compose with country charm

If you’re a fan of country vibes and want to recreate that kind of energy you can start off by layering beige and wood materials as the base and then introduce details that will give off the same vibe as some kind of a traditional farm barn. You can paint the wood beams blue or red, or any other colour that reminds you of that country charm.

Follow a theme

Following a certain theme will make the whole room look more put-together and well-organised. So, pick a theme and try to stick to it. Maybe you want to create a magical and whimsical space, or you want to have a vintage, warm and cosy interior full of warm colours. Whatever you pick, just try to maintain that aesthetic.

Go for green

If you want a neutral room for the baby that is not going to directly indicate the gender of your kid, the green is the best colour you can pick. Not only is it super neutral, but it’s very versatile and can go with just about anything. You can pick darker or lighter shades depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

Mix in monochrome

Using monochrome colours for the base allows you a wide range of creativity when it comes to including details and decoration. For instance, you can use plain white walls to then build up with other colours that will accentuate a certain aesthetics you want to achieve. Use creative details and patterns to achieve an aesthetic you want. Think of this as a canvas you will use to express your creativity.

Paint on a stylish stencil

If you feel like starting a new creative project, painting a mural or any kind of stylish pattern in the nursery room is the best option. Get creative with colours and shapes to paint something that will make the room feel extra cosy and colourful. Just make sure you are using paints that don’t contain any harmful volatile organic compounds.

Choose a cool cot

Taking care of the bed and furniture may actually be the most important part. You want to make sure the materials you are using are soft, cosy and fit the bedroom theme. So, when decorating the room and upgrading the bedding, make sure to get some high-quality cot sheets that are warm and soft.

Carve in Scandi shapes

Soft pastel shades are perfect colours that you can use to build a warm and calming base to the nursery room. When you pair these shades with modern furniture, the room instantly looks like a Scandi style minimal interior that contains lots of texture and character. Experiment with geometric shapes when it comes to blankets, rugs and other materials to create a fun scheme.

Curate a gallery wall

One of the walls can be a focal point in the room. You can opt for simply painting it in a different colour or you can be creative about it and make a fun gallery wall. No matter what theme you choose, make sure that the photos on the wall match the overall design of the room. For instance, you can fill the wall with family photos and as you kid grows you can keep adding new photos you take.

Personalise furniture

Personalised furniture is great if you want to make the nursery room feel extra unique and creative. There are tons of great websites that offer this kind of custom-made product that will fit well with any aesthetic you pick. For instance, you can go for a castle-shaped bed or a bed that looks like a tree house.

Two-tone the walls

Why stick with one shade if you can have two? This simple change can really freshen up the room and make it seem brand new. Draw a horizontal line across the walls (it doesn’t have to be right in the middle) and then paint one side in a darker shade and the other one in a lighter shade of the same colour.

Add eclectic character

Then again, when you think about it, you also don’t have to stick to one design either. If you can’t pick one style for the bedroom, mix all of the ideas you have together. As long as you know how to create a cohesive room design where all of the different styles blend in together nicely, the room will be looking like a carefully crafted mosaic image consisting of all of your favourite styles.

Combine nursery storage

Make sure that the nursery room has a lot of storage for the clothes and toys that your baby will play with. The storage doesn’t have to be plain and boring. It can be part of the furniture, it can have a theme of its own, or you can even double some of the playground equipment as the storage space too.

Double up

If you’re having twins, you may have to decorate one room both for a girl and a boy. So, try to double up on the design or choose neutral, light and warm colours that will fit both themes and aesthetics.

Rock the retro

If you like vintage vibes, then going for a retro style is the best way to decorate a room. Choose warm tones and rustic looking furniture to complement the design nicely. Just make sure you cover all of the aspects of baby proofing the room. Use soft materials to cover any sharp edges.

Go for bright Nordic shades

A Scandinavian design might actually be one of the prettiest ones out there. Not only are the colours beautiful, but the quality of this style is just perfect for the nursery room. To achieve this style, you need to include lots of natural texture as well as gender-neutral primary colours. Top it all off with some simple shapes that will also make the nursery look like a playroom.

Create a night sky

Lastly, one addition that will absolutely make the room feel magical is the night sky on the ceiling of the nursery room. You can use the star-shaped glowing stickers that will make the room feel like there is no ceiling. As your child lies in bed at night, they will have a few of the magical starry nights right above their head.


All in all, there are many amazing designs and ideas you can use for the nursery room. No matter which ones you pick, just make sure to baby proof the room and be creative when creating this warm, magical and dreamy bedroom design.