To take a break from the hectic and monotonous daily grind is what every working person dreams of. Besides, who doesn’t love a chilled-out and fun-filled vacation? 

Americans take around 93 million international trips every year. If you are amazed at this whopping count, then you are in for another surprise. Other than the international vacations, the average count for domestic vacations reaches a surprising 2.29 billion each year. 

Not every getaway can span over a great number of days. When you desperately need a break from the tiring work life, you can always resort to a weekend getaway. It can serve as a breath of fresh air and enable you to get back to your daily routine rejuvenated and energetic. 

This article provides you with the ultimate rest and recreation guide to indulge in this weekend. 

Fun Activities to Plan For Your Weekend

1- Plan a Nature Walk

To switch off from the real world and relax is an unbeatable feeling. The whole world seems to slow down to the rhythm you want it to, and everything seems to fall into place. 

You must have found yourself dreaming about renting out a cabin and spending a day or two away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. Go ahead and rent out a cabin at smoky mountain condo rentals and walk amidst the calming nature all around you. 

Walking alone or with a friend or family member can be fun if you are a nature lover and soothed by long winding nature paths.   

2- Movie Night

If you are all out of ideas about how to make your weekend worth it, a movie night is your bet. Watch to your heart’s delight, or better yet, invite some friends over and host a cozy movie night.

 Get in the right mood by throwing big chunky cushions and warm fuzzy blankets to transform your lounge into a comfortable cinema. Pop out a few strings of fairy lights, and voila! You have your very own movie theatre to enjoy. 

To make your time worthwhile, serve out some delicious popcorn and crisps, and you are good to go. 

3- Put On Your Crafty Cap

Get your craft supplies out and get crafty when you feel like getting in touch with your creative side! You are probably way too busy to indulge in some DIY crafts during the week, so the weekend is the perfect opportunity for some crafty indulgence.

The whole family can have a blast creating things together. Involving the family in such activities can be therapeutic after a busy weekday schedule

4- Play The Chef

A family that cooks together stays together. Weekends are the perfect time to interact with the family. A great way to do this is to have a cook-off together. You can either have a traditional cooking spree in the confines of your kitchen or set up a grill out on the balcony. 

If both these ideas seem like too much for you, having a takeaway meal with your family out in the open air is a great alternative too.

 Making your kids a part of a cooking activity can be a great way to spend time with them and teach them a thing or two about healthy eating.  

5- Board Games

Being stuck inside your weekend cabin on a rainy day can be a real bummer. However, not all is lost if you have some engaging board games handy with you.

 Whipping up a board game championship with your friends and family is a great idea. You can reach out for the classics like Monopoly or let your kids take control with trendier options with games like Pandemic Legacy. 

6- Meet up With Friends

The busy everyday life can easily cut off connections between old friends and acquaintances. It is a real stress-busting element, as hard as it may be to get back in touch with old buddies. 

Plan a day with long-lost friends over the weekend and enter the week with a newfound zeal and zest afterward. Meet your gang over a cup of coffee or a light-hearted meal. 

You will be surprised at what a few well-spent hours with your friends can do for you. 

7- Learn A New Skill

 Trust them when they say the process of learning never stops. You can learn a new skill or start up a new hobby in the spare time you get over the weekend. It’s never too late to learn. Put on your learning shoes and embark on the never-ending journey of fun and learning. 

Not only is this a great way to enhance your skillset, but it will also help you get out of the rut. There is a lot to learn in the ever-evolving times of today. From learning a new language to learning how to play a musical instrument, many things to choose from. 

Confused about what new domains to try your hand at? Here are a few options to help you get started:

  • Learn to play your favorite musical instrument
  • Learn a new language
  • Enroll in an online short course
  • Try your hand at baking
  • Learn how to paint
  • Start an indoor gardening project
  • Volunteer for a community project 

8- Be An Explorer

Be a tourist in your town. Yes, that is right! You may think that you know everything that your humble little town has to offer, but you might be wrong. 

The new cafe around the corner that just popped up last month. Or the art gallery you have planned to visit many times but never actually made it? Now is the time to put all your pending exploration trips into action. 


The weekend is a time to relax and rewind. The activities that might be on hold sitting on your pending list can all be done to make your weekend a memorable time. Instead of lazing around and dreading the upcoming work week, spring into action and get to work to make this weekend a staycation to remember for weekends to come.