Pavers can be used to create intricate patterns in your backyard or pathway that you see on the sidewalks. Paver is one of the most popular choices of material nowadays for creating a new look for your home. It costs less and gives very professional results without much effort. You can also use wood base pallets to build a DIY paver patio, driveway, or garden path. But professionals recommend only brick or stone pavers because of their durability. In this guide, we will discuss both Do it yourself or professional driveway installation in this guide.

Size of Pavers

Pavers are available in various sizes and colors that allow you to customize your driveway or walkway into something unique. The size of pavers ranges from 8″x8″ up to 16″x16″. This is the most common size for small paths and driveways, but if you want a bigger path, some concrete paver manufacturers will provide different sizes. You can have professional design help with these companies to create a masterpiece out of your driveway or landscape project, or you can choose color combinations from their catalogs based on your own design.

DIY pavers installation

Concrete pavers are very easy to install as long as the ground is compacted properly before installing pavers and bedding is placed correctly to protect the base material.

Remove the existing grass and dirt from the driveway or patio, if any. Compact the ground base so that there are no air pockets underneath the soil. Install cement sand bedding on top of the compacted base and make sure it is free of any air pockets. Lay a 2-3 inches layer of fine stone over cement sand. The purpose of stones is to give a smooth surface for sealing and hold down gravel later when you pour your concrete paver mix into forms. Now pour your concrete paver mix into forms with the required depth according to measurements given in the pavers installation guide from the manufacturer’s website. Use screed board alongside the wall while spreading out cement mixture throughout pavers shape to settle it evenly like you screed floor tiles on the floor. Let your concrete set in forms for 3-5 days and remove formed pavers from the ground using pry bars. Clean your pavers thoroughly and lay them down.

Professional driveway paver installation

There are many professional companies which do work on paver installation on a regular basis. You can get a free quote from them and hire professionals to do this work for you so that you just lay your new paver patio, driveway, or walkway and enjoy it with your family members.

These driveway pavers installation companies will come to your place in few days after getting contacted through phone call or email, depending upon the distance of their office from where you live. They have all equipment in their trucks, like wheelbarrows, cement mixer machines, shovels, hoes, etc., needed for installing concrete driveway pavers on your site. First, they will remove existing grass and dirt from your driveway or patio. Then they will compact the ground and lay 2-3 inches of cement sand bedding over it to provide a smooth surface for sealing and also to hold down gravel later when you are pouring concrete pavers mix into forms. They will spread out concrete paver mix evenly with screed board on both sides of the wall, which will be part of the new design, and let them set for three days in forms. After this, they will remove formed pavers from the ground by using pry bars, and your paver’s installation will be completed in this way. Professional services are recommended over DIY job because it gives you peace of mind and ideal results