California is affectionately known as the Golden State, but perhaps it should be more aptly referred to as the Gorgeous State! From its golden rolling hills, to its vibrant cities and rocky coastlines, California is home to some of the most magnificent scenery in the nation. The state’s diverse landscapes are nothing short of breathtaking, boasting lush forests, towering redwoods, majestic mountains, lush desert, and stunning sunsets. 

Whether you’re beach-bound or mountain-bound, traversing from north to south or east to west, it’s hard to deny that California truly is a beautiful place.

It is a popular home for the

  • Highlands
  • Deserts
  • The sea

It’s a wonderful collection of 110 state and national parks. Moreover, it is home to a sparkling beachfront where you may spend the night 

  • Within an old-growth redwood forest
  • Next to roaring waves
  • Magnificent views
  • Close enormous boulders

There are 19 national forests that stretch the entire course of the Golden State, each of which has its own unique natural beauties and climates, including lush forests, shimmering desert landscapes, and everything else. Here are the greatest spots to camp in California, whether you want

  • A classic tent
  • S’mores adventure
  • Glamping with the choice of good cuisine

Why Camp in California

Camping in California is an exciting and unforgettable way to explore the Golden State. Not only will you be surrounded by some of the country’s most picturesque landscapes, but you’ll also have access to countless activities, from hiking and swimming to surfing. 

Plus, California offers mild temperatures that make camping more comfortable throughout the year, so no matter when you go, you’re sure to have a wonderful time. 

California is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The state is home to numerous natural wonders, including the hottest spot on Earth and the towering trees. It’s not surprising that California has so many wonderful locations for camping.

Mountains adorn thousands of acres within the state’s boundaries, and the Pacific Ocean hugs the whole state’s western shore. California has earned a reputation as one of the top camping destinations thanks to its natural wonders.

Whenever you plan to camp in California, an admirable state, make Oxnard a must-visit location if you appreciate finding undiscovered gems and unwinding on serene beaches. Beach lovers’ fantasy comes true when they, which has approximately 20 miles of breathtakingly fine, white sand shoreline. Because they are usually free of boulders and detritus, Oxnard’s coastlines are excellent for surfing and camping in California.

Oxnard is indeed a stunning city in California with its hive of coastal beauty, culture and art. Immerse yourself in its rich heritage as you explore the former home of the Chumash Indians, delighting in its timeless offerings. With a plethora of unique sights to behold, Oxnard is an ideal vacation destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.

Top 7 Glamorous Places to Camp in California on Vacation

California truly offers a wide range of options. California is the state to visit if you want to camp in the highlands or listen to the waters as you sleep. From waterfront camping to climb-only locations with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, there are places that provide everything like

  • National Parks
  • State Parks
  • Private campgrounds

There are certainly plenty of wonderful sites to camp in California, but here we are going to explain to you the 7 best places to camp in California on your vacation.

1. Yosemite National Park

Over three million individuals visit Yosemite National Park each year. They travel there to admire

  • Yosemite Falls
  • El Captain
  • Half Dome’s beauty

There is something for everyone; some visitors simply come to take in the sights, whereas others come to walk, ride, and climb. A great method for enjoying the park is to camp inside it at one of the various campsites.

There are 13 various campsites, some of which offer spacious RV (recreational vehicle) sites whereas others offer smaller tent pads. Due to Covid limitations, a few campsites are unavailable. Yet there are still dozens to choose from.

2. Campground of Nevada Beach in Lake Tahoe

Many people choose to vacation in the lovely Lake Tahoe. The Nevada Beach Campsite is among the top locations to camp in California compared to all of the campsites on the lake’s shoreline.

Sitting on the east bank of Lake Tahoe, you can see that the campsite is a great place to view some of the lake’s finest spectacular sunsets. Here the chance of seeing a bald eagle flying over your place is also possible.

Some of the locations boast lake views, while others are tucked away in the woodlands for greater quiet. Since the campsite is operated by the National Forest Service, you can be sure that the climbing and wildlife will be wonderful.

3. The Redwood National Park and Forest

You may view photographs of the Redwood National Forest, yet you can’t sincerely enjoy the size of the redwoods until you are standing next to a gigantic redwood. There are four separate campsites inside the Redwood National Park and Forest if you desire to camp out amongst redwoods. Each campsite provides

  • Facilities
  • Showers
  • Spots with picnic areas and fire rings

Right on the Smith River’s banks lies the Jedediah Smith Campsite, and Gold Bluffs Beach is easily connected to a secluded beach. All of them offer fantastic hiking routes, but you must visit the “Big Tree”. This area is home to some of the tallest and largest trees in the park. It can be found in Prairie Creek State Park.

4. Camping Sites at Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Would you want to snooze beneath the Golden Gate Bridge? Located outside of San Francisco, the Golden Gate National Recreation region is located near the Golden Gate Bridge. The Marin Headlands, which are situated on the shore on the northern end of the bridge, has 4 separate campsites.

The Kirby Cove Campsite offers access to the bridge-viewing Kirby Beach. You must plan beforehand because many of the campsites are modest and some necessitate a hike to get to. Further, you must bring your own drinks, but the seclusion and the sights are well worth it.

5. Ventana Campground

Although the redwoods meet-the-sea scenery of Big Sur is renowned, getting a spot at one of the region’s few campsites is insanely expensive. You can find the lesser-known Ventana Campsite, which allows only tent camping and is just a short distance from the busy Pfeiffer Big Sur Park, tucked away in a secluded redwood canyon.

In addition, luxurious facilities include a hotel-quality bathroom and shower facilities, as well as a sleek Airstream bar that serves nibbles and drinks in a temporary outdoor area beneath the redwoods. A major tip is to spend more money on the opulent camping tents so you may use the spa and swimming pool at Ventana Big Sur, the upscale resort next door.

6. Channel Islands National Park

The Channel Islands National Park is located off the southern coast of California and is home to some of the most beautiful and remote islands in the entire state. This staggeringly beautiful park includes five islands spanning over 250,000 acres, each one containing its own unique ecosystem and offering activities ranging from scuba diving to kayaking, camping to whale watching. 

The Channel Islands have a rich history, from 13,000 years of native history to Spanish colonial settlements, to 60 years as part of the U.S. Navy base here on the mainland. With so many untouched places and natural ecosystems present, the Channel Islands National Park is filled with things to discover and experience.

The five islands that make up this outlying channel national park are accessible through a 1.5-hour ferry voyage and provide a peek at the California coast a century ago. Small campsites can be found on each island, with Santa Cruz’s Scorpion Canyon campsite being the most accessible.

Although you’ll have to carry your stuff half a mile from the dock, the peace and starry sky will be worth the effort. You can climb to the top of the island as well. This offers expansive views of the Pacific, from Scorpion Canyon’s locations, where you may kayak or snorkel the protected coastal area’s turquoise waters provided you make reservations through an on-site rental store.

7. Intown Campground

This peaceful Gold Country park in California offers intelligently modern campsite options in addition to typical tent and RV (recreational vehicle) sites. There are 18 canvas camping tents in the chic campsite, each with electricity, a genuine bed,  and wooden floors. The discomfort of roughing it is reduced by a variety of luxurious amenities, including

  • A camp store offering s’mores plus wine
  • A swimming pool
  • An outdoor movie theater
  • A community kitchen


California is entitled to several of the country’s most breathtaking and gorgeous surroundings. It is a well-liked residence for the mountains, deserts, and ocean. A fantastic assortment of 110 state and national parks may be found there.

California is affectionately popular as the Golden State, but it might more appropriately be referred to as the Gorgeous State.  Finally, whenever you plan to camp in California during your vacations, must keep in mind all the above-mentioned best-camping sites.

California has something spectacular to offer every outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for a beach, mountains, or desert oasis, the Golden State is the place to be. Let these seven amazing camping sites take you on the adventure of a lifetime and show you why California is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable camping trip!