Sometimes, the worlds of dance and music weave together stories that are more than just steps and rhythm. They are also woven with relationships, emotions and unexpected turns in life. Cherry Kingston’s story with Len Goodman is one such tale. Cherry Kingston has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, but the glimpses into her life with Len Goodman have been both heartbreaking and captivating. Let’s explore their world.

Who Is Cherry Kingston?

Cherry Kingston is a professional dancer. She is best known as the first spouse of Len Goodman. She found not only her passion, but also her partner in the world of ballroom dancing. Cherry, despite being associated with a famous personality, has kept her life very private. This makes her story even more interesting.

What Was Cherry Kingston Len Goodman her husband?

Len Goodman is a well-known figure in the ballroom community. He is a judge, coach, and an advocate for ballroom dancing. His personal life, and in particular his relationship with Cherry, has always been of interest to many. Their journey marked by many ups-and-downs shows how complex relationships can be.

When did Cherry Kingston marry Len Goodman

It was the year 1972 and April 27th. Cherry Kingston and Len Goodman, after two years of learning about each other’s dreams, fears, strengths and weaknesses, decided to marry. Many in their circle thought that their marriage was the perfect fit, because of their passion for dancing. As time went on, their relationship’s rhythm would change.

Relationship Dynamics – From Dance Partners to Life Partners

In 1970, their meeting at a dance event was like a scene from a film. Cherry and Len’s undeniable chemistry was visible not only in their dancing, but also their interactions off stage. The dance was what brought them together, and it remained their glue for several years.

Relationships, like dancing, require adaptability, understanding and, sometimes, letting-go. As their dance career paused in the mid 70s, the couple was faced with a difficult question: Could their relationship survive beyond dance? Cherry met Michael, a wealthy Frenchman on one of their annual Monte Carlo trips. This encounter not only altered the dynamic of their group, but also had a major impact on Cherry and Len’s marriage.

The Unexpected Turn – Love, Loss and Reflection

Len had to deal with sudden changes in the relationship. Len reflected on the reasons for their divorce in 1987. Len revealed this phase in a 2008 interview with The DailyMail, where he highlighted how their love of dance kept them together. The gaps would have been obvious without it.

Three years after their divorce, Len met Cherry and they reconnected unexpectedly over a coffee. The meeting was brief but provided closure for both parties. They were able to move forward with their lives and cherish the good times while learning from the difficult ones.

Family Ties – Their Legacy and Future

Cherry and Len did not have children together. But life had different plans. Cherry welcomed two children with Michael while Len’s son James was born from another relationship. James, who chose to follow in his father’s dance footsteps, has made a name as a Latin dancer and ballroom dancer. He continues to teach at Goodman Dance Academy and ensure that the dance legacy that he, his father, and Cherry shared will continue for future generations.


The story of Cherry Kingston and Len Goodman transcends dance. It is a testament to the unpredictable nature of life, strong connections, heartbreak from loss, and finding closure by dancing. One thing is clear from their journey: dance may temporarily bring two souls closer together, but only their mutual love and respect will define their relationship permanently.