As t-shirts become more versatile in terms of when and where you can wear them, finding quality t-shirts is more critical than ever. The fear of overdressing is real, but at the same time, you don’t want to be too casual. A quality t-shirt can mean the difference between lightness and effortless elegance. And that’s by far not the only advantage that high-quality t-shirts offer.  

Below are some tips that will help you get the perfect match.

Search High-Quality T-Shirt Brand

Not all brands provide high-end clothing. It’s easy to see how paying someone as little as possible allows producers to sell shirts for less. When you shop at a reputable t-shirt brand such as ApparelinClick, you buy your t-shirt once and only replace it if you need a different size. 

At these online stores, customers return for a more comprehensive selection of quality t-shirts for their wardrobe. 

Dress Code Matters 

Are you buying a t-shirt for specific occasion? It is the thing that matters too. Many functions require the right suit, tie, and long or short-sleeved shirt. T-shirts have their own time and place, like flip-flops or denim jackets. Always consider occasion if you want to look charming and attractive in an event. 

Want Crew Neck or V-Neck?

Among two primary t-shirt styles, which style should you buy? For this, see both types’ features.


V-necks look better on fitter men. The deep cut accentuates and shows a developed body. A V-neck creates the touch of height and balances a narrow face. 

Crew Neck

Crew necks are a better choice for men with a slimmer build. This style doesn’t expose neck more. It draws less attention to your upper body, which is good if you haven’t been to the gym in a while. 

The Right Fabric Will Ease

Quality t-shirts start with 100% premium preshrunk cotton. 100% cotton and cotton/poly blends are also a top choice for t-shirts. That means no itchy synthetic fibers, shrinkage, or deformation after washing the shirt. 

However, some fabrics suit you better. Check out some of them. 

Linen Blends

Linen is considered the most potent natural fiber. Linen blends often appear softer and silkier than pure cotton, but linen creases easily. 


A soft, breathable fabric that gives the jersey a nice sheen. It is mainly used in high-quality apparel. 


It is the highest quality cotton that resists pilling or fading and also softens after each use. 


A finely knit and high-quality wool often used for more expensive shirts. A 100% merino wool t-shirt can stay odor-free for a week without a wash. 

Colors Play an Important Role – Choose Wisely! 

Solid color t-shirts are designed to last longer and resist shrinkage in the wash. You can wash and use it without losing quality. 

For example, what do you expect from the brand if you want a graphic hoodie for women? It should be comfortable in all the right places and give you room to breathe and move where you need it. If a brand fulfills this requirement, go for the t-shirt color you love to wear. 

Below are some colors consumers commonly buy.


White T-shirts are the essentials of many wardrobes. It suits to almost everyone. 


Navy blue is another suitable color. It is ideal for monochromatic looks if you combine the t-shirt with dark jeans.  


Gray goes well with most clothing combinations. Gray gives you the freedom to lighten or darken the entire outfit. 

Accessories Would Be the Best Fit 

It’s an easy and inexpensive way to change the plain t-shirt and jeans look. You can go for something simple like a bracelet or watch if you want something that makes you stand out a little more. Adds dimension to the outfit to make your dress more interesting. 

Sunglasses are also a good example. They add style, personality, and an exciting mix. 

Pair With Shoes That Stand Out

If the t-shirt or jeans you’re walking around in aren’t anything special, which is often the case because it’s just a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, then buy shoes that will grab people’s attention. 

It doesn’t have to be crazy or fancy, but choose something a little different. There’s nothing wrong with wearing plain shoes, but if you want to spice things up and be a little different, try something flashy.