It can be said that one of the most used eyelash extension methods is 2D volume eyelash extensions. Its benefit is that treatment is quick and gradually improves the thickness of the eyelashes, preserving the client’s natural features. And believe us when we say that you will regularly be exposed to this form of eyelash extension during your career. Here are some tips to assist you in making this type of extension seem great while maintaining the natural look of your client’s face.

1. What are 2D eyelash extensions?

2D lashes are one of the most basic volume lashes that any lash artist should know. Two eyelashes are joined to one natural eyelash to create 2D eyelash extensions… This method of eyelash extension darkens and sharpens the client’s eyes. When clients who have had a traditional 1:1 eyelash extension want to change their look, they usually opt for 2D eyelashes since they maintain their natural look and may be worn regularly, such as to work or hang out with friends, or attend small parties. Thanks to 2D lashes, your clients won’t have to apply mascara daily to achieve a medium-thick pair of lashes.

2. When to use 2D volume lash extensions?

Because they suit most events and every eye shape, 2D eyelash extensions are trendy and never go out of style. Although they are more suitable for everyday wear, most clients prefer this type because of their naturalness over impressiveness. Clients with weak natural eyelashes might also benefit from 2D eyelash extensions. They must, however, pay attention to correct eyelash care and examination regularly. Which of the two lash extensions appears more natural: traditional or 2D? This is one of the questions that many new technicians have. However, we have found that there isn’t much difference between them in our experience. Classic lashes are lighter and maintain the natural look of actual lashes. At the same time, 2D eyelash extensions make lashes appear thicker and stand out a little more.

Regarding volume sets, 2D eyelash extensions can be used in conjunction with traditional lashes to fill in the gaps between sparse lashes. And if you have not found a supplier of the right product, try LLBA Professional – one of the leading eyelash extensions manufacturers today. LLBA Professional, a supplier of eyelash extensions in the United States and Canada, offers a wide assortment of 2D fans known as YY fans.

3. Basic steps to perform 2D volume lashes

To get the best results as your clients want, you should follow our basic steps below.

– Step 1: Listen to your clients’ wishes and advise them

When choosing eyelash extensions, ask your client questions like: What is their purpose? Do they have any experience with eyelash extensions? Are eyelash extensions irritating to their eyes? These queries can assist you in comprehending your client’s viewpoints and determining what to accomplish with their natural lashes. You can make manual lash fans with 2D lashes by joining two single lashes to one volume fan or using prefabricated 2D lash fans. There isn’t much of a distinction between these two approaches. However, the material of the eyelashes is important since it influences the quality of your “piece of art.” Faux mink or cashmere lashes are ideal for this 2D lash extension procedure because they are both incredibly silky.

– Step 2: Specifications for selecting the right eyelashes

In addition to professional eyelash extensions, pay attention to the lash parameters to achieve a natural effect. For most eyelash extensions, a length of 7mm to 13mm is advised. To have a long, gorgeous, and natural pair of eyelashes for your client, you must be flexible and skilled in using lengths. In terms of diameter, the optimal range is between 0.07 mm and 10 mm to avoid thick and heavy eyelashes. When applying 2D lash extensions, it’s best not to utilize eyelashes that are too different in length from the natural ones to achieve the most natural effect.

– Step 3: Clean the eyes area carefully and apply eyelash extensions

Clean the eyes properly after consulting with the client and applying the new eyelashes. Make sure the eyelashes are clean and do not stick together. Then you can move on to eyelash extensions. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you should only use a small amount of glue. To avoid discomfort or irritation to the eye surface, the distance between the natural eyelashes and the extensions should be between 0.5 and 1.0 mm from the eyelid to the exposed point between the natural and extension eyelashes.

To summarise, 2D volume lashes are quite simple to use and apply. Nonetheless, you must thoroughly examine your clients’ requirements and select the appropriate parameters.